What Are The Benefits of Waxing Car And How To Do It

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Cars are one of the greatest inventions of the human race, and it always needs to glitter for a solid fashion statement.

You can be a person who is reluctant about this or you may be an individual who takes his car for a wash frequently, or can take it to the service to make it look like a charm, but the thing that can help you really well is car waxing.

There are plenty of benefits of waxing car, and you would certainly want to know them; right!

Keep on reading and have a look at the various aspects of car waxing; it might give you a different perspective and help you to determine why you need to wax your vehicle.

Why do you need to Wax?

Benefits of Waxing Car

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It doesn’t matter whether your car is new or old; what matters is how it looks like. It has been seen that be it a car enthusiast or someone else; classic cars are always in demand; but why!

All the credit goes to the waxing of car. Whether you wx a car with a buffer or by hand it always gives a vehicle shiny look.

Modern paint used by the manufacturers is good in quality and lasts long, but after some years they tend to fade out.

Car waxing can help you in this regard immensely.

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Benefits of Waxing Car

Benefits of Waxing Car

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Don’t know how to wax a car? No problem, you will know shortly, but before that, you need to know its benefits. A car waxing has a lots of benefits which give the boost in your car performance. Let’s have a look at them:

1. Shining of the Car

Benefits of Waxing Car

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Waxing is the best way to give your vehicle a glossy and new look. Your car becomes new, and it will look like it just came out of the showroom.

In the modern days, it comes with Synthetic Paint Sealants technology, which provides a great aid to keep your car glittery for a longer time.

2. Air Contaminant Protection

Sometimes your car paint is not well enough to protect the body from acid rain, corrosive materials, and bugs, etc.

Know how to wax a car by hand, and it will fix this problem; because wax creates a wall between the paint and the atmosphere and the contaminant only mix up with the wax and keep the color safe.

3. Protect the Paint

When you drive faster on the road, some tiny stones and rocks jumps up against your car and make scratches in your vehicle.

Wax makes the car’s body surface smoother that reduces the friction between car’s paint and debris that slide off from the motor vehicle body rather than damaging it.

4. Scratch Prevention

Scratches are a big problem for your car. Sometimes scratches make your vehicle look dirty. Remember one thing; wax does not remove scratches.

It just fill scratches and make them less noticeable. There is no need to remove the color coat; wax fills it quite easily. You need to follow proper car wax steps.

5. Washing of Car Becomes Easier

Benefits of Waxing Car

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If you always want to clean your car easily, then do waxing. The air contaminant like bugs, dust, etc. are dripped in your vehicle and mixed with the wax. Those can easily be wiped out during next cleaning if your car is waxed.

6. Reduce the Refinishing Cost

In case of business, if you take the car on lease, the dealer will inspect the car after a given period.

If there is any scratch, decoloration or any kind of paint issue, you would have to spend lots of money to repair them. Waxing saves you and your car from the extra expenditure.

7. Better Driving

This is one of the most significant benefits of waxing car. Waxing car not only makes your vehicle look beautiful but also it has a good effect on your driving too.

Psychology says if you keep your car clean and regularly maintain it that makes your mind to drive the car safely. You will have a fear of damaging the car, and that will make you worry about safe driving.

8. Protection from Pollution

Knowing how to wax a car can help you to protect your vehicle from pollutants and provide it a long life. One of the benefits of car wax is it prevents UV rays from damaging the vehicle’s body paint and also saves the car from pollution.

9. Provides Attractive Looks

If you are a car owner, then you must have little bit tendency to show off the car to the outsiders. If your car looks dirty or dull, nobody will get attracted to your vehicle no matter how much it costs or how many features it has.

You need to clean and clear the exterior of your car for a fantastic look.

10. Reduces Cost of Cleaning

Benefits of Waxing Car

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If you want to clean your car normally then it will not last much longer, and polishing is costly. Waxing makes it easier to keep your car perfect, and you need not spend more because it needs to be done twice in a year.

People think that waxing products are dangerous for the car body. However, the wax product which is made of natural content increases the effectiveness of the car’s paint. Let’s move on to the next section and know the car wax steps.

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Steps to Wax a Car

Well, now you have understood the need and benefits of waxing car, and thus it’s time to move on to next part. If you don’t want to visit car service center, then below are the steps to do it at home like a pro.

Car Waxing Steps if you are Using Hands

How to Wax a Car by hand

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First of all, you need to park your vehicle away from direct sunlight because wax dries very quickly. Make sure your car is clean and dry enough.

Now, take the car wax and apply on the body of the car. The paint sealant or car wax must be implemented in multiple layers.

If you want your car to shine more, then you can’t apply a single thick coat. You must need to apply the thinnest coat multiple times.

That will make the sealant harder to remove from the body paint. The duration between two coatings usually takes 12-18 hours.

After waxing, use a microfiber towel to remove the wax residue and clean the body.

If you don’t know how to wax a car by hand then you must consult with the wax professional; otherwise, you may spoil the look of your vehicle.

Car Waxing Steps if you are Using Buffer

Wax a Car with a Buffer

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Try to wax a car with a buffer because it has multiple benefits. For instance, it reduces the waxing time and also provides the showroom like cleaning.

To wax your car properly using a buffer, first, put the sealant over buffer and then apply it on the body without turning it on and after spreading, activate the buffer and then slide it gently.

Try to use the buffer in a line of the same direction as the metal flows. After waxing it, let it dry completely.

Nothing can beat the charm of a well-waxed car, and it will certainly make noise among others.

However, before you go for car waxing, benefits of waxing car must be known accurately for a better outcome.

So, what are you waiting for! Get your car a waxing and let it shine.

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