20 Best Luxury Cars for Tall Drivers (2023)

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Best Luxury Cars for Tall Drivers

These best luxury cars for tall drivers fulfill the major requirements such as ample interior space for driving and sitting comfortably.

It can be pretty daunting to sit and travel in a car with limited space. So, we shortlisted these best-selling cars that are known to offer unmatched comfort and space.

The article covers best-in-class sedans, SUVs, trucks, and other cars to help you make an informed choice.

So read on, and choose an amazing luxury car that lets you unfurl your legs in comfort.

Best Luxury Cars for Tall Drivers

1. GMC Yukon

SUV with highest seating position

Image Credit: The National

The current version of GMC Yukon is perhaps the best SUV for tall drivers. The Yukon can be had in a longer wheelbase version if you want extra space for the third-row passengers and more cargo room.

The car offers 42.8 inches and 45.3 inches of front headroom and legroom respectively. The interior is roomy and options include ventilated and heated front seats and second-row power-folding seats, making those long highway drives ultra-comfortable.

2. Jeep Wrangler

best SUV for tall drivers

Image Credit: Extreme Terrain

The boxy SUV has retained its shape for decades and the Jeep Wrangler is anything but aerodynamic. That’s one of the reasons why it is considered a spacious convertible for tall drivers.

The car is hauled by a V6 280bhp engine while the turbocharged 270bhp powertrain is available as an option. The Wrangler has 42.6 inches of front headroom. Its front legroom is 41.2 inches.

Despite the retro-styling, the Wrangler has features like automatic climate control and heated front seats.

3. Buick Enclave

convertible for tall drivers

Image Credit: Leith Cars

If you are hunting for a midsized SUV with the highest seating position, the 2021 Buick Enclave could be your choice. The car boasts of a spacious cabin and offers an extremely quiet ride compared to most of its rivals.

The Enclave packs in three rows of comfortable passenger seats. Occupants in the front get features like heated front seats. The front headroom and legroom are 42.6 inches and 41.2 inches respectively.

4. Mercedes-Benz GLS

best luxury cars for tall drivers

Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz

The Mercedes-Benz GLS is easily among the best cars for tall people. The entry-level GLS is hauled by a 3.0-liter, twin-turbocharged V6 engine which produces 362bhp. The other option is the twin-turbocharged V8 motor which outputs 577bhp. The car has a front headroom of 41.2 inches, while the front legroom is 40.3 inches.

If huge space and complete refinement are your criteria, then the 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLS should fit the bill perfectly.

5. Kia Telluride

Best SUV for Tall Drivers

Image Credit: Car Buzz

With up to eight-passenger seating capacity, Kia Telluride is an amazing option for tall people that love traveling with their families. The plush interiors, as well as the powerful motor, makes this machine a comfortable beast.

Telluride comes with a 291-horsepower V6 engine under the hood and offers a horde of standard safety features, including adaptive cruise control. In addition, the car offers 41.4 inches of front legroom and 40.9 inches of front headroom, making it the best SUV for tall drivers.

6. Tesla Model X

best luxury cars for tall drivers

Image Credit: Tesla

With a 41.7-inch front headroom and 41.2-inch front legroom, the Tesla Model X is often counted among the best cars for tall drivers. It’s an extremely quick and roomy SUV with upward-swinging rear Falcon doors.

Besides the extra space for passengers and cargo, front-seat passengers get an expansive view of the road ahead, courtesy of the oversized windshield which stretches all the way up to the roof.

7. Mercedes-Benz E-Class

best luxury cars for tall drivers

Image Credit: Motor1

The E-Class is one of the most respected and recognized sedans because of its ride quality, comfort, and power output. The stately wagon version of the E-Class should be an ideal choice for taller drivers. It offers one of the best cabin spaces in its segment.

The E-Class wagon, compared to the sedan trim, offers several inches more front headroom. The cargo space behind the second row of seat measures 35cft, which can rival a number of SUVs.

8. Lincoln Navigator

best SUV for tall drivers

Image Credit: The Car Connection

The 2021 Lincoln Navigator is sophisticated, suave, and arguably the best SUV for tall drivers. It offers a whooping 43.9 inches of front legroom which is probably the largest among the best luxury cars for tall people.

Not only is it spacious, but the car is also trimmed in high-quality materials. The optional 30-way, power-adjustable front seats are cooled and heated. It even has a massage function to make long trips less tiring.

9. Mercedes Benz G-Class

best luxury cars for tall drivers

Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz

The G-Class from the German luxury automobile manufacturer is a legendary off-roader, an SUV with the highest seating position in its segment. It’s a rather opulent luxury SUV and the car’s square-type design offers more room for the front-seat passengers.

The front seats also get ventilation and massage functions. While the front legroom at 38.7 inches may seem less compared to its peers, the 2021 G-Class offers sufficient space for limb movement.

10. Nissan Leaf

best luxury cars for tall drivers

Image Credit: Top Gear

You won’t necessarily require an SUV or a convertible to accommodate extra headroom. The four-door premium hatchback Nissan Leaf could be a good choice in this regard.

The all-electric car offers 42.1 inches and 41.2 inches front headroom and legroom respectively. That’s pretty generous considering that the Leaf isn’t exactly considered among the best cars for tall people. The punchy electric motor returns a mileage of around 150 miles on a single charge.

11. BMW X7

best luxury cars for tall drivers

Image Credit: Motor 1

The seven-passenger 2021 BMW X7 is a new entrant in the increasingly competitive luxury SUV segment. The car forges a superb impression with its ride comfort and cabin quality.

The 16-way heated, power-adjustable front seats come as part of standard equipment. Even the third-row passenger seat has enough space to make routine drives a painless experience. The car has front legroom and headspace of 39.8 inches and 41.9 inches respectively.

12. BMW X1

convertible for tall drivers

Image Credit: BMW

Regardless of its petite dimensions, the BMW X1 is surely one of the best luxury cars for tall drivers. It is the smallest SUV from the Munich-headquartered company but offers plenty of cabin space. The car’s front headroom, in fact, matches with the boxy, brick-shaped Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

Safety features like forward collision warning, lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control make the X1 an ultra-comfortable vehicle to drive.

13. Hyundai Equus

SUV with highest seating position

Image Credit: Car and Driver

The full-sized luxury sedan manufactured by the South Korean company from 1999 to 2016 is one of the best used cars for tall drivers.

It had an extraordinarily quiet interior, a limousine-like cabin, and first-class amenities. The Equus had headroom of 38.7 inches, while its legroom was 45.1 inches. The same at the back was 37.7 inches and 38.8 inches respectively.

14. Subaru Forester

best luxury cars for tall drivers

Image Credit: CarsGuide

From a high-riding wagon, the Subaru Forester has morphed into one of the best compact SUVs available in the market. It scores high on most charts, courtesy of its quiet and super-smooth ride.

Its cargo space measures 35.4cft and with the rear seats folded down, it increases to more than 76cft. With 43.3 inches of legroom, the car is very comfortable to drive, particularly during mid-haul trips.

15. Chevrolet Camaro

Convertible for Tall Drivers

Image Credit: US News

The 2021 Chevrolet Camaro is a fantastic convertible for tall drivers. If you love thrilling speed and comfort at the same time, this car has it all. Powered with V6 and V8 engine options, Camaro can easily touch exhilarating speeds with loud exhaust notes.

This is a four-person vehicle with a two-door design. The front headroom is 38.5 inches, and the legroom is 43.9 inches which is pretty decent for tall drivers.

16. Chevrolet Traverse

best used cars for tall drivers

Image Credit: Chevrolet Canada

Many automobile experts unequivocally include the Chevrolet Traverse among the best luxury cars for tall drivers. That’s not entirely without a reason since the car offers 41 inches front legroom and 41.3 inches front headroom.

Anyone interested in a midsized SUV with a perfect combination of comfort and value should consider the Traverse. Even with all the seats occupied in the seven-passenger car, it still has 23cft of cargo holding capacity.

17. Cadillac XTS

best used cars for tall drivers

Image Credit: Motortrend

Those on the lookout for a full-sized luxury sedan would surely have the Cadillac XTS on their shopping list.

The car has a headroom of 40.1 inches and an approach that’s similar to SUVs. The 45.8 inches legroom counts the Cadillac XTS among the best used cars for tall drivers.

Occupants on the back seat also benefit from the tall roof as it accommodates 37.8 inches of headroom.

18. Jaguar F-Type

best cars for tall people

Image Credit: Jaguar West Chester

The British carmaker recently introduced a more affordable version of the F-Type sports car, hauled by a turbocharged 4-cylinder, 2.0-liter engine which produces around 300bhp. The top-level version is powered by a supercharged V8 5.0-liter motor that produces a whooping 575bhp.

The luxury convertible for tall drivers is loaded with features with ample space to stretch your legs. The headroom, of course, is sky-high if you’re driving it on a bright and sunny day.

19. GMC Sierra

Best Luxury Cars for Tall Drivers

Image Credit: The Car Connection

Big and tall drivers looking for a luxury truck should consider buying a GMC Sierra. Known as the best luxury car for tall drivers in its segment, this vehicle offers a quiet cabin with highly comfortable seats.

The Sierra also has an impressive second row, so tall people can easily fit on the backseat as well. The truck comes equipped with a 7-inch touch-screen infotainment system that supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Lastly, the car offers 43.1 inches front headroom and 44.5 inches front legroom.

20. 2021 Genesis G90

Best Cars For Tall People

Image Credit: Car Buzz

Genesis G90 is a full-sized flagship sedan that offers promising luxuriousness and opulence. The car has taken down the competitors with its magnificent looks and best-in-class cabin space. Whether you drive the car or you have a chauffeur you can enjoy comfort on the front and rear seats.

G90 has a well-equipped cabin with a lot of features like giant infotainment touchscreens. Lastly, the luxury sedan boasts 46.3 inches legroom and 41.1 inches headroom for unmatched comfort.

Tips for Choosing the Best Luxury Car for Tall People

Check out these tips and find a vehicle that fits you without any issues.

1. Determine the Cabin Space

Determining the cabin space is a painstaking task, especially for tall people. But here’s a quick way to do it the right way.

If you have longer legs, go for a luxury car with at least 48 inches of legroom. On the other hand, if your torso is lengthy, consider cars with at least 38 inches of headroom.

You can easily find these details of any car with a simple Google Search.

2. Take it for a Quick Spin

Never buy a car until you drive it. Make sure your legs and head get sufficient space on every seat inside the vehicle.

3. Choose the Right Segment

Usually, tall people should go for trucks and premium sedans as they offer better space as compared to hatchbacks. However, it would be great to go for a 4X4 SUV if you have a good budget, as these vehicles provide an amazing room with a good drive experience.

Final Thoughts

While some of the best luxury cars for tall drivers are usually SUVs, full-sized sedans too offer similar legroom and headroom.

There are several points to consider while buying a car, like the ride quality, safety features, and long-term reliability. However, none of these matters if you are uncomfortable behind the steering wheel.

A full-sized SUV with the highest seating position may not offer a comfortable ride quality even if it ranks high on the power output and off-road capabilities.

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