15 Most Amazing Armored Cars You Can Buy (2023)

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When it comes to the point of choosing an armored vehicle, the first impression we have about the car is that it has to be huge with a beast like structure.

But there are lots of such armored cars that we will get to know that are elegant, sophisticated and luxurious, fulfilling all your requirements flawlessly while giving you a secured ride.

1. Toyota Land Cruiser

Armored Cars

Image Credit: Thrillist

For almost 30 years, this German organization has spent significant time in ensuring nobody can hurt you while riding in one of their vehicles.

Their Cruiser is intended to offer some strong assurance from armed groups – rifles which are at 30 feet.

Furthermore, it’s outfitted with a diesel motor to extend the speed range to more than 370 miles so that you can explore from one city to another without being concerned about the fuel consumption part.

2. Lexus LX 460L

Armored Cars

Image Credit: Therichest

The Lexus LS 460 L flawlessly consolidates plan and security with many armored features.

The 460 L is composed and made by INKAS, an armored auto producer that has an assortment of secure vehicles which are well available in the market.

The LX 460 is quite heavy but never compromise with the speed. The motor can produce 389 hp of maximum power with an eight-speed programmed transmission. The cabin can likewise withstand bullets and other impacts.

The best part of the car is that rarely people will be aware of the fact that this car has some of the high-level protective layers when they see it driving down the road.

3. Chevrolet Suburban

Armored Cars

Image Credit: Armoredcars

The Suburban is also a popular choice for many people who love to have armored vehicle combining with class.

The Suburban is huge and we often see the car in many movies generally driven by the police.

The Suburban finds its use in the community both as a protected vehicle and also as a luxury monstrous vehicle.

4. BMW 750Li Sedan

Armored Cars

Image Credit: Bmwblog

Worldwide Armoring Corporation changes the ordinary BMW into a tank on wheels. The 750Li Sedan accompanies a V8, 400 HP motor to add speed and energy to convey pounds of ballistic steel.

Numerous shielded vehicles just ensure the protection of the sitting arrangement or main traveler compartment to eliminate costs.

Be that as it may, the 750Li secures the whole vehicle compartment, and guarantees that the front seat traveler and driver are protected.

Indeed, even the tail pipe is protected on the 750Li, along with the radiator, battery, front bumpers, and fuel tank. The suspension is properly reinforced for all-wheel, off-road driving.

5. Cadillac Escalade ESV

Armored Vehicles

Image Credit: Beckerautodesign

The thing that can be superior to a Cadillac Escalade is a defensively covered Escalade ESV.

Becker Automotive Design saved no cost to make the inside the stature of extravagance and features all leather interiors, wooden trim, cutting-edge office hardware, and huge level screens.

The ESV is composed of an additional quality case. Becker at that point includes ballistic assurance around the outside with steel and 40mm glass that can withstand projectile fire.

The ESV has been extended by an extra 20 inches for the required spacious interior.

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6. Mercedes-Benz S-Guard

Armored Vehicles

Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz

The company’s heavily clad autos are probably the most well known available. They hold their up-to-date price while giving various protected and fortified features all through.

They look flawless and won’t be broken effortlessly if the proprietor is under an assault.

Whatever reason may be for a man to possess one of these protected autos, they’ll be cheerful to realize that the Mercedes-Benz S-Guard model will prevent constant shoot from M60 assault rifles.

If there should be an occurrence of a gas assault, the S-Guard has its own particular oxygen framework that will seal the outside vents and give natural air all through the inside.

The twofold sheet glass windows will likewise shield from a gas assault.

7. Knight XV

Armored Vehicles

Image Credit: Conquestvehicles

The Knight XV is the leading vehicle from Conquest Vehicles, one of the world’s best shielded vehicles.

As indicated by Conquest, the XV SUV is exceptional. It’s rare to the point that production has been constrained to just 100 vehicles, which incorporate V10 motors, military-review plans, and high-quality protective layer.

More than its defensive layer, it’s fundamentally a lavish room on wheels. The inside accompanies a satellite TV, bar, cooler, warmed seats, a black box, and an amusement media center.

8. Huron APC

Armored Vehicles

Image Credit: Gearheads

This vehicle is gigantic and can stand overwhelming ammo fire, including M80 Ball ammo and 7.62 x 51 SC ammo. The floor can withstand projectile and German weapon blasts, for security purpose, a member of the security can access the machine gun located at the top of the car.

9. Maybach

Armored Vehicles

Image Credit: Carscoops

In the event that you’re in a Maybach you are having a safe ride. The car has the capacity to withstand a .308 cal rifle discharging protective layer puncturing rounds.

All you can do is sit back and taste your drink while your driver calmly sits tight for the light to change in the traffic.

10. Audi A8 Security

Armored Vehicles

Image Credit: Autoweek

The Audi A8 Security is an armored car, yet it’d be hard for anybody to take note. The manufacturer wanted the car to look like an ordinary Audi.

In any case, it’s ensured by the German Ballistics Testing Center that demonstrates its uncommon aluminum compounds (along with the steel and earthenware production) are totally projectile confirmation to VR 7 ballistic gauges.

As indicated by Audi, the assembling procedure is finished with hands by particular specialists in an exceptionally secure zone.

The specialists put in over 400 hours to finish its parts. The body can withstand nearly anything terminated at it. So can the windows, which are made of chip hindering polycarbonate layers to deal with a hazardous power.

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11. Mercedes-Benz S600

Armored Vehicles

Image Credit: Mbusa

Better believe the fact that the car is equipped with proper night vision and blast free carriage.

It likewise keeps up to everything that makes the S600 so awesome in any case, with the installation of the grand V12 engine (with additional assurance in front so nobody can take it out).

You could possibly hear amid your upscale escape over the LOGIC7 encompass sound.

12. Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG

Armored Vehicles

Image Credit: Pinterest

The presence of dark leather inside, modified lights, impenetrable glass, cameras and more are the properties of this million-dollar bullet proof vehicle due to which individuals can breathe a sigh of relief knowing they are completely secure.

The G63 AMG incorporates ballistic covers, a back bulkhead, security for fuel tank, bullet catchers and an assortment of extra features.

13. Texcalibur Mercedes-Benz G-Class Modified

Armored Vehicles

Image Credit: Thrillist

Texcalibur represents considerable authority in making armored autos for bank exchanges; however that doesn’t mean they don’t make a lot of other impenetrable vehicles, similar to these civilian armored vehicles.

In fact, it’s known as a “Presidential Vehicle”. Sure, the glass is impenetrable. In case you’re in this thing everybody’s going to believe you’re the pope.

14. Cadillac One “The Beast”

Armored Vehicles

Image Credit: Raerublog

Cadillac One is probably one of the most competent armored vehicles across the globe.

The Cadillac One is affectionately nicknamed “The Beast”, the main auto used to transport the President of The United States.

Costing about $1.5 million, The Beast accompanies a shield plated fuel tank encased in shoot retardant froth, a discharge concealment system, isolated oxygen supply, and additional weapons in the storage compartment.

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15. Kombat T98

Armored Cars

Image Credit: Youtube

A Russian car manufacturer Dartz has released the Kombat T98, tied with The Beast as the most costly armored vehicle on this rundown.

Be that as it may, numerous individuals may know it now as the Prombron. This armored SUV is luxurious to the point that the entire inside is upholstered with 100% whale penis leather.

The T98 is prevalent among Russian political figures and European Princes. In any case, there’s nothing preventing the super rich from making it a staple in their own caravan regardless of their affiliations.

The above specified is the list of the top 15 armored cars that have met their purpose of rendering ultimate protection with their advanced mechanism.

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