21 Best Car Modifications That Add Value To Your Car

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There is no doubt that a brand new car in its standard form has no drawback. It is designed after considering the budget, requirements of the customers, and industry standards.

But, there are some people who are not satisfied with the standard features that they get in a brand new car and go for car modifications that can improve the capability of their beloved ride.

There are different types of car modifications available on the kind of requirement.

So, here we have prepared a list of 21 best car modifications that can add real value to your car in various aspects.

1. Tires

Car Modifications

Image Credit: Michelin

A good investment on tires can improve the performance of your car to a great extent.

From acceleration to braking, everything will be improved.

If you drive in an area where your car face extreme temperatures then it is totally recommended that you invest in a good set of tires for your car, each with rubber compounds optimized to a range of temperatures so that they can withstand the extreme temperatures in an effective manner.

2. Quality Race Seats With Harness

Car Modifications

Image Credit: Corbeau

If you are someone who is engaged in sporty activities with your car, this is again one useful modification for you.

Normal seats cannot keep your body in place in intense drifting and maneuvering, for this, you need supportive seats.

With proper sports seats, you will be able to manage your body while hardcore accelerating, braking, and cornering.

3. Limited Slip Differential (LSD)

Car Modifications

Image Credit: Benzworld

Most of the cars come with a limited slip differential that is driven by just one wheel.

If you are looking to improve your engine’s efficiency in terms of power delivery you should invest in getting one good LSD that can deliver improved power without affecting the efficiency of the engine much.

4. Brake Pads And Stainless Steel Brake Lines

Car Modifications

Image Credit: Youtube

Before you get these car modification parts, you need to first analyze the type of driving you do.

Depending on that you should upgrade your brake pads and brake lines. This will clearly help you in identifying the difference.

With an improved stainless steel set of brake lines, you will be able to feel the response of your brakes as soon as you push the paddle.

5. Responsive Steering Rack

Car Modifications

Image Credit: Ebay

Are you someone who does hardcore cornering on road? Then getting your standard steering rack replaced with a quick-ratio steering rack is a must.

However, you cannot get this done on every car.

But, you can always ask your manufacturer to get a customized steering rack for your car depending on your requirements to get a better response while cornering.

6. Replacing Worn-Out Rubber Pieces Of Suspension

Car Modification Parts

Image Credit: Superstreetonline

There are a number of bushings in the car, which needs to be replaced at a certain point of time.

Due to vibrations, shocks, and harshness they withstand, the need for replacement of these bushes varies.

Once these bushings are worn out, the dedicated parts attached to them move more than they require, leading to unexpected sounds while driving.

So, replace them and get the feel of a factory fresh drive on road.

7. Adjustable Anti-Roll Bar

Car Modification Parts

Image Credit: Collinsperformance

Investing in your car’s safety is never a waste of money.

Anti-Roll bars play an important role in case of an extreme collision where your car gets tossed.

Anti-Roll bar connects the suspension of your car together that helps in even distribution of weight of your car.

Anti-Roll bar also keeps your body in place while cornering and with an adjustable bar, you can optimize the settings until you get the desired feel while driving.

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8. Shock Absorbers And Stiffer Springs

Car Modification Parts

Image Credit: Urotuning

This is one of the most common car modifications that people get done in their cars.

As the name suggests, shock absorbers help in absorbing the shocks on bumps.

A good shock absorber will keep your car stable on uneven terrain. If you know what you are doing on road and your requirements vary, then go for adjustable shock absorbers with a stiffer and lower set of springs.

9. Toned Down Interior

To take your car’s performance to the next level, you need to get easy car interior mods.

The lighter your car will be, the better it will accelerate on road.

Even the braking will be improved to a great extent.

By removing additional interior equipment, floor carpet, additional seats, and air conditioning system, you can get rid of 300lbs, making the car’s performance better and more competent.

10. Fresh Spark Plugs

Car Modification Parts

Image Credit: Napacanada

Replacing your spark plugs with a fresh one is an easy hack for improving the combustion of your engine.

It may look that your spark plugs are working fine and they don’t require any replacement, a fresh piece creates all the difference.

This is one of the cheap car modification parts that will directly impact on the fuel efficiency, power delivery, and ignition.

11. ECU (Engine Control Unit) Flash

Cheap Car Mods

Image Credit: Aermech

The ECU in the car works for mixing the air and fuel in the right proportion to maximize the engine’s efficiency along with power.

Most of the car manufacturers keep the parameters of ECU below the car’s capability and if you get it replaced, you will be able to feel the difference.

It will not only improve the air-fuel mixture proportion, it will also improve the power delivery of the engine and fuel efficiency.

12. Cold Air Intake

Cheap Car Mods

Image Credit: Stage3Motorsports

It is a known fact that the better the air flow will be there in the engine, the better will be the engine performance.

If you get a cold air intake, it will not only improve the airflow within the engine, it will also assist the coolant in its process, leading to condensed air that will boost the engine’s performance to a significant extent.

13. High-Flow Exhaust

Cheap Car Mods

Image Credit: Rivaracing

There are some who says that such car modifications impacts on the engine’s health.

The fact is, it helps the engine in relieving its pressure by creating an exit gate for the wastegate along with a profound sound, differentiating your car from the standard versions.

It might also help in getting a slight bump in the horsepowers of your engine.

But, this unique sound effect along with improved power figure will directly make a negative impact on the fuel efficiency of the car.

14. Short Shifters

Cheap Car Mods

Image Credit: Tunersports

For improving the performance, short shifters is a must add-on. The short shifter reduces the distance a shifter has to travel for upgrading or degrading to a gear.

A short shifter will help in the quick shifting of gears, leading to improved performance and better response of the engine in hardcore speeding activities.

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15. Adding Bluetooth

Cheap Car Mods

Image Credit: Youtube

Most of the entry-level cars don’t come with a Bluetooth. Bluetooth acts as a very helpful equipment for the drivers for connecting phones and using it without getting distracted while driving.

A good Bluetooth is not expensive and a good addition to your car that will add value to your car.

16. Climate Control Systems

Cheap Car Mods

Image Credit: Autointhebox

If your car is not offered with an automatic climate control system then this is not a problem.

You can easily get it installed in your car without paying a hefty amount.

As most of the cars offer climate control only on top trims, getting it done from a car modification store is a smart step.

Although it will not add any value to your car, it will certainly improve the comfort level of the car to a great extent.

So, this modification is among some easy car interior mods available in the market.

17. Leather Covering

Easy Car Interior Mods

Image Credit: Youtube

Does a shiny leather covering on the seats and dash in the luxury cars attract you? Do you want the same feel in your budget hatchback or sedan?

There is an option available in the list of easy car interior mods in the market. You can easily get a premium leather covering in the market with color and texture of your choice.

Although it is quite an expensive car modification, it will improve the overall feel of your car in an effective manner.

18. A Good Stereo System

Easy Car Interior Mods

Image Credit: Intelligenttec

If you want a good music system in your standard version of the car, you need to invest in a good music system depending on your requirements.

There is a range of music system with a different set of speakers and amplifiers available, depending on your budget and output quality, you can select accordingly.

This upgrade will surely add to the overall value of your car when you resell it.

19. Alloy Wheels

Cheap Car Exterior Mods

Image Credit: Alloywheelskart

This is one of the widely done cheap car exterior mods that people usually do.

Most of the manufacturers offer alloy wheels only in the top variant of their car and to upgrade your wheels in a lower trim, you can easily get it from the market.

There is a range of designs, size, and quality available with a vivid price range.

20. Boost Controller

Easy Car Interior Mods

Image Credit: Z1motorsports

If your car has a turbocharger, you might be knowing the experience of pushing the accelerator and getting the feel of air being cramped within the engine’s cylinders.

To control in an effective manner, you can get the boost controller to get the maximum output from the turbocharger.

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21. Transmission Fluid Upgrade

Easy Car Interior Mods

Image Credit: Cars

Either you have an automatic transmission or manual transmission, every system needs a fluid upgrade to improve the performance in an effective manner.

Although there is a particular time period in which you have to get it topped up or replaced, it is recommended that you get it done prior to it for getting a better response from the engine.

It will evolve the notchy shifting feel that you get while shifting the gears.

So, these are some of the effective car modifications that you can do to improve either the value or performance of your car according to your requirement.

These upgradations are available in different price ranges and depending on your budget as well as requirements, you can get it done accordingly.

There are a number of modifications that we might have missed in this list, do let us know in the comment section about the modifications that can add real value to the standard cars in an effective manner.

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