9 Best Rooftop Cargo Carriers and Boxes for 2023

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Best Rooftop Cargo Carriers

There’s nothing better than cruising your car on the highways towards your road-trip destination. And it is crucial for you to carry and manage your luggage in an excellent way to keep things sorted during the voyage.

Have you ever found yourself in a tussle with the massive luggage as there is no space left to keep it?

Luggage is the significant thing you need to carry with you, and there is nothing better than the best rooftop cargo carriers to keep the luggage handy while maintaining the spaciousness in your car.

To assist you better, here are some rooftop cargo box and carrier reviews that are perfect for every vehicle and justify extreme value for money.

Quick Summary

  • Editor’s Choice: Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier
    “The most stylish roof box with an aerodynamic design to increase storage space and mileage.”
  • Best for Carrying Heavy Load: RoofBag Waterproof Car Rooftop Storage Bag
    “A versatile rooftop cargo carrier that can fit a huge load and is waterproof.”
  • Best Waterproof and UV Resistant Cargo Bag: Keeper 07203-1
    “An amazing rooftop cargo carrier that can fit on any vehicle and is easy to store as well.”
  • Recommended by Experts: JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier
    “A superb rooftop cargo box with dual locks for added safety at a justifiable price.”
  • Best Budget-Friendly Cargo Carrier Bag: Amazon Basics Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag
    “A heavy-duty and tough cargo bag that’s waterproof and works well with any car.”
  • Best Aerodynamic Cargo Carrier: Yakima Skybox Carbonite Cargo Box
    “Best for high-speed drivers, this aerodynamic cargo bag minimizes the air drag and makes driving fun and easy.”
  • Best Compact Hard-Shell Cargo Box: Thule Sidekick Cargo Box
    “The best rooftop cargo box from Thule with ultimate storage capacity and locking mechanism.”
  • Best for More Storage Access: SportRack Vista XL
    “A hard-shell rooftop cargo carrier that can even fit oddly-shaped luggage. It’s the best choice for more storage capacity.”
  • Best Easy to Mount Cargo Carrier: CURT 18115 Roof Rack
    “A versatile rack that can fit on any vehicle. It’s light, cheap, and easy to install.”

How Do We Shortlist the Best Rooftop Cargo Carriers?

We asked several cargo experts about the rooftop cargo bags and carriers they prefer using and why. Furthermore, we spent hours watching videos of the particular products and skimmed through numerous customer portals to make sure that the cargo carriers we have shortlisted are worth your dollar.

Lastly, we only selected branded products so that you get promising quality and fantastic customer support.

Top 9 Best Rooftop Cargo Carriers for 2022

1. Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier – Editor’s Choice

  • Dimensions: 91.5″ L, 37.5″ W, 18″ H
  • Volume: 22 Cubic Feet (Ideal for Golfers, Snowboarders, and Skiers)
  • Material: Durable Plastic
  • Waterproof: YES (Protects the luggage against drizzles only)
  • Item Weight: 55 Pounds
Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Thule is here with a fantastic rooftop carrier with ample space. From skies to snowboards, you can carry almost anything as the capacity offered by the carrier is 165 pounds.

Just mount it on your car and start driving to the destination you want with ultimate convenience!

Dual-side Opening

The cargo carrier from Thule has a dual-side opening. So, the driver and the passenger both get access to the stored items. The lid feels light, and the metal struts hold it so you can load/unload the goods with ease.

Furthermore, the motion of the lid is smooth, and it isn’t flimsy at all.

Easy to Install

Installing the cargo carrier is a breeze, and you can mount it on your car quickly. The latching mechanism fits well with the roof rack, and the cargo carrier remains securely in place even when you drive at high speeds.

Minimum Air Drag

Forget what air drag is when you have Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier installed on your car’s roof. Thule has designed it aerodynamically, and the carrier cuts through the air to reward you with a smooth ride.

Secure Lock System

Locking your precious items is now possible with Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier. The lid automatically locks in place and indicates a safe closure so that you can start driving to the destination.

The carrier is one-key system compatible, so you can get a Thule lock installed on it.

  • The aerodynamic design enhances the fuel efficiency
  • You can carry golf clubs, snowboards, and skies in it
  • Less air drag reduces the wind noise
  • The locking mechanism is easy to use
  • You cannot mount it on cars without roof bars
  • The roof box is expensive

What do the Customers Say?

The rooftop cargo box has a user-friendly design and has reliable construction. (one Thule customer said). Some users recommend installing the cargo carrier with care as the hinges are flimsy and cannot be replaced.

2. RoofBag Waterproof Car Rooftop Storage Bag – Best for Carrying Heavy Load

  • Dimensions: 48″ L, 38″ W, 11″-18″ H (lower in front, higher in rear)
  • Volume: 15 Cubic Feet (Ideal for campers and hikers)
  • Material: Heavy-duty canvas
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Item Weight: 11 Pounds
RoofBag Waterproof Car Rooftop Storage Bag

RoofBag is not a hard shell carrier like Thule Cargo Box, but it is equally impressive in some terms. As the name is self-explanatory, this product will offer you with waterproof capabilities, and you don’t have to worry about the luggage even in extreme rains.

It comes in a plethora of capacity options, and you have the freedom to mount any of these variants based on the requirement and the roof of your car.

Heavy Duty Construction

The cargo carrier may appear like a soft-touch material, but it is supremely heavy-duty. You have the option to carry a load up to 3000 lbs without the hassles of any damages. Also, there is ample of space on offer so that you can manage your goods in a more comfortable way.

Mounting Requires no Racks

There is no need for any tools or any racks to mount this cargo carrier. You can keep it in the basket or on the existing mechanism of your car with the help of durable belts that holds the cargo box at its place even on higher speeds.

Fits Any Car

As aforementioned, it is available in a multitude of variants which makes it compatible for all vehicles. No matter you have an SUV or you own a sedan, you can use this carrier on the go.

Easy to Store when not in Use

The major problem with hard-shell carrier boxes is that you cannot store them easily. They are not foldable and thus consume a lot of space during storage. But this is not the case with this carrier as you can store it easily by removing the straps and by folding it into half.

You can keep it anywhere without the worries of any dents or scratches.

  • The material quality is up to the mark
  • As it’s waterproof, be rest assured that your luggage won’t get wet
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • You can mount it on any car
  • Get ready for some air drag, as it is not aerodynamic
  • There may be a lot of wind noise when driving the car at higher speeds

What do the Customers Say?

As per customers, RoofBag Waterproof Car Rooftop Storage Bag has got a lot of room, and it can easily accommodate a tent and other luggage, freeing up the boot’s space. However, a few reported that the material cracks if kept in direct sunlight for long.

3. Keeper 07203-1 – Best Waterproof and UV Resistant Cargo Bag

  • Dimensions: 44″ L, 37″ W, 14″ H
  • Volume: 25 Cubic Feet (Ideal for Campers, Backpackers, and Families)
  • Material: Durable Plastic
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Item Weight: 5.25 Pounds
Keeper 07203-1

Another rooftop carrier that will assist you in the long journeys is Keeper 07203-1. The overall construction matches to RoofBag as both are made up of soft-touch material.

It is easy to install and requires no additional tools during the installation process. You can mount it easily, and it becomes ready to use.

Offers Lots of Storage Space

There are a total of four variants available for the buyers, and it makes them choose whatsoever space requirement they want. Two variants have 11 cubic feet capacity, and on the other hand, two options offer 15 cubic feet storage which can accommodate up to 3000 lbs of cargo.

Resistant to Water and UV Rays

One thing that most rooftop carrier users complain about is the color fading of the material. The reason behind is that their cargo boxes are not resistant to sun rays.

But Keeper 07203-1 is a value for money product, as it offers resistance to sun rays and water splashes. So the cargo will remain protected from the heat as well as from the water.

Feather-light in Weight

The gross weight of this cargo carrier will surprise you as it only weighs 5.25 lbs.

Isn’t it amazing?

You can use this cargo carrier, even if you didn’t have an SUV.

Easy to Remove and Store

You can remove the Keeper 07203-1 cargo carrier when not in use and can pack it without any trouble. Just pull out the straps, remove it from the roof, pack it and store it wherever you want.

  • You can carry different types of cargo, including tents, skies, and more
  • Tie-down straps make it easy to install
  • 15 cubic ft dynamic load limit
  • Designed to fit all car roofs
  • It generates a lot of wind resistance
  • Protection against heavy downpours isn’t that great

What do the Customers Say?

As per the vast majority of customers, installing the rooftop cargo box doesn’t require any roof bars. Moreover, the soft-sided bag folds into a compact size, making storage easier. The only thing some users complained about is the security of the luggage, as there is no locking mechanism.

4. JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier

  • Dimensions: 57″ L, 38″ W, 17″ H
  • Volume: 18 Cubic Feet (Ideal for Families, Group Travelers, and Campers)
  • Material: Durable Plastic
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Item Weight: 35 Pounds
Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Here’s an amazing rooftop cargo carrier that’ll protect your luggage from water. Made using high-quality material, the cargo carrier boasts a water-resistant design, and you can drive in rains without any hassles.

Furthermore, it rewards you with 100 lbs of cargo capacity that makes this cargo carrier a perfect choice for campers and travelers.

Tool-free Installation

Installing the rooftop cargo carrier doesn’t need any tools at all. You can attach it with the roof rack on the go. JEGS provides everything you need to install the cargo carrier successfully.

Also, there’s an instruction manual available that makes the installation a breeze.

Aerodynamic Design

Usually, rooftop cargo carriers generate a lot of drag, and it reflects in the reduced mileage and speed of the car. But this isn’t the case with the JEGS rooftop cargo carrier.

The carrier has an aerodynamic design that offers minimal drag, and you can drive with ease.

Heavy-duty Body

The cargo carrier has an HDPE plastic hard shell that’s durable and solid. Forget about any easy cracks and damages, as the cargo carrier can withstand almost anything.

Just protect it from scratches, as the surface isn’t scratch-resistant.

Built-in Lock for Added Safety

JEGS rooftop cargo carrier protects the luggage from thefts, all thanks to the built-in lock. The manufacturer offers two keys with the cargo carrier for added convenience.

  • Loading and unloading the luggage is convenient
  • The weight limit is around 100lbs, suitable for carrying a lot of luggage
  • Offers adequate protection against rains
  • The roof storage box has an aerodynamic design
  • The metal struts aren’t that durable
  • The lid is flimsy

What do the Customers Say?

This cargo carrier has great cargo capacity and is a great choice for carrying skis, backpacks, snowboards, and other oddly-shaped luggage, some customers told the sources. Customers found the rooftop storage box is a bang for the buck as it has a built-in lock to keep the luggage secure.

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5. Amazon Basics Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag – Best Budget-Friendly Cargo Carrier Bag

  • Dimensions: 43.5″ L, 16.84″ W, 33.5″ H
  • Volume: 15 Cubic Feet (Ideal for Solo Travelers or a Couple)
  • Material: Good Quality Canvas
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Item Weight: 4.7 Pounds
Amazon Basics Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag

Amazon Basics Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag looks reliable and is manufactured by Amazon. The cargo carrier comes with four straps which ensure high safety and better grip even at faster speeds.

The model is available in two variants, i.e. a hitch rack carrier, and a rooftop carrier.

Robust Seam

The seams on this bag are strong enough to hold the stored cargo and luggage. Also, the zippers are very sturdy and are easy to close or open. You can store gigantic items in this cargo carrier without any problems.

Comes with a Storage Case

As aforementioned, the best part about these soft cargo carriers is that they are easy to store. And you will get a storage case with this product. Fold it as per your preference, and then put it into the storage case for fortifying it from damages during storage.

Waterproof and Sun-proof

The construction of zippers and seams is so precise that there is no space for water to seep in. Whether you are driving your vehicle in the rain or under the harsh sun your cargo carrier will remain protected.

Light in Weight

The gross weight of Amazon Basics Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag is 6.2 lbs which makes it perfect for mounting on small as well as large cars. The only thing this cargo carrier requires is the availability of roof rack for fixing the straps appropriately.

  • It fits well with or without a cargo rack
  • The additional straps keep the luggage secure
  • Reasonably priced, so it’s the best budget option
  • Made using waterproof and fade-resistant material
  • The design isn’t aerodynamic, increases miles per gallon fuel consumption
  • The rooftop cargo bag has no anti-theft protection system

What do the Customers Say?

Customers said the build quality is fantastic, and the cargo carrier keeps the water at bay. Also, they appreciated the versatile roof-mounted cargo box for its Volume. However, we came across several customers complaining about the lack of underside support.

Carrying hard luggage like ski racks can scratch your car’s roof.

6. Yakima Skybox Carbonite Cargo Box – Extremely Impressive Aerodynamics

  • Dimensions: 94″ L, 29″ W, 18″ H
  • Volume: 16 Cubic Feet (Ideal for up to 3 people)
  • Material: Carbonite
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Item Weight: 54 Pounds
Yakima Skybox Carbonite Cargo Box

Yakima Skybox is one of the most stylish cargo boxes in this entire fleet! It comes in black color, and the design will surely surprise you. There are multiple variants available in this product, and you can buy from 12 cubic feet to 21 cubic feet based on your requirements and the size of cargo.

Yakima offers a lifetime warranty with Yakima Skybox, and that is enough to prove the reliability and durability of this cargo carrier.

Strong Latch Mechanism

The latches mounted inside the hard shell are strong enough to sustain moderate wear and tear. Also, there are no damages to the latches even after multiple and vigorous uses. There is no need to maintain the latches with any tool or something, just lube it when required, and it will work seamlessly.

Excellent Aerodynamics

Yakima Cargo Box offers superior aerodynamics and has a quirky design that can whack the winds. You can drive your vehicle on higher speeds with Yakima Skybox. Also, the maneuverability gets more when you have this best aerodynamic cargo box fixed on your car’s roof.

Comes with SKS Locking System

A lock is a very crucial part of any cargo carrier, and you will get a reliable lock system in Yakima Skybox. The amalgamation of SKS lock and the sturdy latches up-scales the game up, and it is tough for anyone to open the cargo carrier without proper keys.

Hard-shell is Durable

The hard shell is manufactured with carbonite and can sustain any blows and dings. Yakima Skybox comes with a lamination on the outer surface which protects it from any kinds of scratches.

Being a hard-shelled carrier box Yakima Skybox weighs extremely less and the best part is that you can access the cargo from both sides as it supports a dual-side opening.

  • Strong and sturdy latches
  • Available in a range of sizes with varying capacities
  • SKS locking system keeps the luggage secure and protected
  • Stylish and spacious roof-mounted cargo box
  • The price is on the higher side
  • Not for cars without roof bars

What do the Customers Say?

The customers say Yakima Skybox Carbonite Cargo Box can easily accommodate skis, snowboards, and still, there is some extra space left to pack the luggage. A lot of users commented about the aerodynamic design, as it reduces the wind noise and drag.

While researching, we found a handful of users complaining about the locking system.

7. Thule Sidekick Cargo Box – Best Compact Hard-Shell Cargo Box

  • Dimensions: 54″ L, 25″ W, 15.3″ H
  • Volume: 8 Cubic Feet (Ideal for up to 3 people)
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Item Weight: 16 Pounds
Thule Sidekick Cargo Box

Sidekick is another cargo box from Thule that comes at a budget-friendly price and has an aerodynamic design. If you want to carry medium and small-sized cargo, then Thule Sidekick is an ideal product for you.

Takes Lesser Space on the Roof

The dimensions of this rooftop carrier are 54 x 25 x 15.5 in, so it will not consume the whole space available on your car’s roof. You are free to carry other things like your bicycles, and other essentials with this cargo box mounted on your car.

One-sided Opening with Easy Access

Thule Sidekick Cargo Box comes with a partial opening, and you can access your cargo on the go without running into hassles. The opening is available at the passenger side, so anyone from the passenger side can open the box with its easy to open flaps.

Inbuilt Secure Lock

Cargo Box has an inbuilt secure lock that helps you in keeping the essentials safe. You can easily lock and unlock the box using the provided keys.

Decent Load Carrying Capacity

Cargo Box is exemplary for small vehicles and for users who want to carry small-sized and lightweight cargo. It offers 75 lbs of load capacity, which is helpful when you are out for a small camping and on a one-day tour.

  • Heavy-duty design safeguards the luggage from hailstorms
  • It doesn’t damage the roof of your car
  • Smooth hinges for soft opening and closing
  • Smartly designed to offer a lot of storage space
  • The water-resistance isn’t that great
  • You can access it from the passenger’s side only

What do the Customers Say?

If you want to keep your luggage safe, this is the best rooftop cargo box to use, a customer told us. Furthermore, our sources asked the customers about the durability, and they were pretty happy with it.

Some customers shared that if this cargo box had a dual-side opening, it would have been the best option in the market.

8. SportRack Vista XL – Best for More Storage Access

  • Dimensions: 19″ L, 63″ W, 38″ H
  • Volume: 18 Cubic Feet (Ideal for Ski Racks, Snowboards, Bigger Bags)
  • Material: Plastic
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Item Weight: 28 Pounds
SportRack Vista XL

Many people have a misconception that hard shell cargo box comes at an exorbitant price, but this misconception will blow away once you have a look at this Cargo Box.

The cargo box offers decent storage space and will justify every single penny you have paid for it.

Manufactured with Qualitative ABS Material

The built of this Cargo Box will leave you surprised as the cargo carrier is manufactured with ABS plastic which is one of the sturdiest plastic available in the market. Another benefit ABS plastic offers is the resistance to harsh UV rays.

The surface of the cargo box reflects the UV rays making it heat-resistant in extreme weather conditions.

Ergonomic Design

SportRack Cargo Box has an ergonomic design and sits perfectly on the roof of your car. It is a sleek cargo carrier, and that makes it resistant to the blows of strong winds. Plus the curves and lines present on the top of the cargo carrier distribute the force evenly making maneuvering the vehicle much easier.

Fits Almost every Roof Rack

You can install this Cargo Box on almost all kinds of roof racks. Just mount it on the rack and screw the u-bolts provided in the mounting kit and it is done!

The u-bolts are very durable and hold the cargo carrier firmly while preventing it from falling down.

Rear Opening Enhances the Storage Space

SportRack Vista has a back opening mechanism so you can easily store the cargo while standing on the rear side of your vehicle. Another benefit of the rear opening is the availability of space. The latches support the opened flap, and you can access the cargo more easily.

  • ABS body offers ultimate durability
  • Enough space to fit ski racks, and snowboards
  • Quick-release hardware for easy mounting and removing it
  • Rear access for easy loading and unloading
  • This isn’t a waterproof cargo carrier
  • Not a great choice for hatchbacks and sedans

What do the Customers Say?

Some customers weren’t happy with the locking mechanism, and a few said they didn’t receive keys with the box. However, a majority of users loved this cargo carrier and were delighted with its impressive aerodynamic design.

9. CURT 18115 Roof Rack – Best Easy to Mount Cargo Carrier

  • Dimensions: 42″ L, 37″ W, 4″ H
  • Volume: 17 Cubic Feet (Can fit oddly shaped luggage)
  • Material: Metal
  • Waterproof: No
  • Item Weight: 28.2 Pounds
CURT 18115 Roof Rack

If you don’t need a high-end gear for your car, then CURT 18115 is something that should be on your bucket list. The cargo carrier has a basket shape and is easy to use. There is nothing to assemble, and the piece comes assembled right from the factory.

Fits on all Cars

The best part about CURT 18115 is that it fits on all cars irrespective of their size. All you need is a set of some brackets and a roof rack. You can easily mount the cargo carrier, and there are no troubles of mounting the straps.

Perfect for Vigorous Use

If you want to keep bulky items in the cargo carrier, then you should go with CURT 18115. The rooftop carrier has higher side walls and can keep the cargo supported and protected.

Another impressive thing is corrosion resistance. The load carrier has a coat of black carbide powder which makes it durable and resistant to corrosion.

Supports Multiple Attachments

CURT 18115 is the first cargo carrier in this list that supports multiple attachments. You can use a rope, or some straps to tie the cargo. Also, you can buy a cargo net to keep the cargo at a place. Similarly, there is an option for using water and UV resistant sheet to keep water and heat at bay.

  • It’s a universal carrier that fits all vehicles
  • You can secure the luggage using bungee cords
  • Built durably to last longer
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Not waterproof at all
  • Generates wind resistance when packed full with luggage

What do the Customers Say?

Sturdy, affordable, and easy to install, these were the common things many customers have to say about this roof rack. Also, some customers mentioned that it’s perfect for carrying oddly-shaped luggage such as skis, snowboards, and tent poles.

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Comprehensive Guide to Buying the Best Rooftop Cargo Carriers

There is a myriad of factors you should look for in a rooftop cargo carrier. And without proper inspection, you can land yourself with the wrong product which will not justify the amount you have paid.

Here are some crucial things you should consider before bringing home a rooftop cargo carrier.

Types of Rooftop Cargo Carriers

Rooftop cargo carriers have multiple types, and every type has something different to offer.

  • Box cargo carriers
  • Bag cargo carriers
  • Basket cargo carriers

1. Box Cargo Carriers

Best car roof boxes have a hard shell structure and are perfect for keeping the cargo protected. These cargo carriers are easy to mount on all roof racks and are ultra-secure. You will get the benefit of water and UV resistance if you buy roof mounted cargo boxes.

  • Comes with inbuilt lock mechanism
  • Strong latches
  • Multiple-side opening
  • Perfect to carry damage-prone cargo
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Most cargo carrier boxes are exorbitant
  • Not ideal for carrying skiing equipment and kayaks

2. Bag Cargo Carriers

Rooftop cargo carrier bags have a soft-built and are manufactured mainly with PVC and soft fabric. These carriers have zippers attached to the flaps which ensure resistance to water and heat.

  • Comes with inbuilt lock mechanism
  • Easy to mount
  • Can support heavy loads
  • Easy on the pocket
  • Easily damageable
  • Less aerodynamic

3. Basket Cargo Carriers

Rooftop cargo carrier baskets have a simple design and are the basic carriers that you see on the SUVs and MUVs. Basket carriers are extremely easy to mount and are perfect for accommodating heavy loads.

  • Comes with inbuilt lock mechanism
  • Easy to mount
  • Affordable
  • Supports multiple accessories
  • No limitation of cargo height
  • Not resistant to water and heat
  • Cargo can fall off easily

Benefits of Purchasing a Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Rooftop Cargo Carrier Reviews

Rooftop cargo carriers can shower immense benefits if you have bought the right product.

1. They don’t Obstruct your Rearview Mirrors

The most crucial element while driving is the rear-view mirror; you need to keep an eye on the mirrors to ensure that you are driving safely.
When you are carrying a rooftop carrier, there are no chances that the rearview mirrors are obstructed. The carriers have a rooftop design and create no obstacles while driving.

2. Added Safety

Rooftop carriers have some safety features like strong latches, sturdy locks and much more that can keep the cargo protected all day long. You can even buy some accessories to enhance the security to next levels.

3. Ample Space

The only place where you can keep the cargo is the boot of the car and the trailer in case you own a truck. But rooftop carriers are something that helps you in increasing the space. These carriers help you to carry large items like kayaks, canoes and even bicycles without the worries of spaciousness.

4. Decent Weight Carrying Capacity

The roof of your car can support a decent weight if you use the right cargo carrier. Some rooftop cargo carriers distribute the weight appropriately while adding no bulk on the roof.

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Things to look for before Buying the Best Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Roof Mounted Cargo Boxes

1. Kind of Cargo you want to Carry

Have a look at the kind of cargo you want to carry, as it will help you in selecting the best rooftop cargo carriers. Some carriers are narrow and long, and these are best for carrying snowboards, skiing equipment and other elements that are long enough for regular cargo carriers.

On the other hand, carrying heavy and huge boxes requires you to buy a bag cargo box like the ones made with soft-material or PVC. You can comfortably accommodate boxes while keeping the cargo under the carrier flaps and then using the straps to tighten it.

Make sure that you are purchasing an aerodynamic cargo carrier that is light in weight and is easy to mount.

2. Look for Safety Features

Safety is something you cannot compromise with, and it is indispensable for a rooftop carrier to support a secure lock. Again the availability of safety features depends on your requirements. If you want to head out for camping purposes, then a lock is a must.

Else you can buy the best rooftop cargo carriers with no lock if it is not needed or if budget is a barrier.

3. Type of Vehicle

You need to buy a rooftop cargo carrier based on the vehicle you own. Generally, it is advised to buy small carriers with lesser load capacity for sedans and hatchbacks, because the roofs of these cars are not manufactured to support the substantial weight.

In case you have a herculean SUV then you can go with heavy rooftop cargo carriers for SUV that can offer decent load carrying capacity.

4. Check the Ease of Mounting and Demounting

Some rooftop cargo carriers available in the market come with quick-release clamps, and you can easily mount them without wasting any time. These are perfect for buyers who need a cargo carrier for occasional purposes.

If you need to mount a box permanently, then you can go with any product available in the market. We advise you to buy the rooftop cargo carriers that support sturdy nut-bolt configuration.

5. Area of Access

Do you want to access the cargo from both sides of the carrier? If yes, then go with the options that support dual-sided opening. Else you can buy the carriers that support single-side and rear-side opening.

6. Resistance to Water and UV Rays

Water and UV-resistant cargo carriers are a great choice for those who want to keep the cargo protected from rain showers and harsh heat. You can easily carry sports equipment and other essentials in these cargo carriers because they are prone to damages from water. Else, you can buy a non-waterproof carrier if the water is not an issue.

Top Safety Tips to Follow when Traveling with a Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Rooftop Cargo Box Reviews

Using a rooftop cargo carrier needs you to be attentive all the time, and also you have to focus on some safety tips for making your journey rewarding and fruitful.

1. Keep an Eye on the Tire Pressure

Checking the tire pressure is essential when you are cruising on the highways. A cargo carrier adds additional weight to the car, and your car can get unstable if the tire pressure is inaccurate. Make sure that the weight is evenly distributed on all the tires.

What you can do is buy a tire pressure monitoring system if your car lacks one. Or you can use a pressure gauge to check the pressure.

2. Do not Overload the Cargo

Don’t overload the cargo and stay within the cargo limit provided by the carrier’s manufacturer. You can calculate the total weight supported by your car by checking the capacity of the roof and the carrier.

If you choose to overload, then there are many possibilities that the roof of your vehicle can get damaged or the vehicle can crash into something due to imbalancing.

3. Check your Cargo Multiple Times during the Travel

You cannot predict when your cargo carrier malfunctions and the only way to ensure that all the things are right is an appropriate inspection. Make sure to check the cargo carrier multiple times on your journey.

4. Check the Height

Look for the height of the cargo carrier and then measure the height of your car. If your vehicle is tall enough, then it can crash into a narrow under-bridge crossing. If you have a taller vehicle, then go for small cargo carriers for added safety.

5. Pack it Right

Packing the cargo in an exemplary way will enhance the longevity of the cargo carrier, and it will help you in maintaining the overall weight ratio. Don’t pack all the things in one place; instead, keep the weight equal along the surface of the cargo carrier.

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Rooftop Cargo Carriers FAQs

Q1: How much Load Capacity a Rooftop Carrier can actually Bear?

A1: The load capacity of the cargo box depends on its size and strength. If you want to calculate the load capacity, then the easiest way is to refer to the instruction manual. You can look for the weight capacity of the box, and then match it with the supporting capability of your car’s roof.

Try to keep 10-20 pounds lesser load than the total capacity available for remaining on the safer side.

Q2: How to enhance Fuel Economy while using a Rooftop Carrier?

A2: There are many factors that will impact the fuel economy of your vehicle when you have mounted a rooftop cargo carrier. These factors include weight and aerodynamics.

If you carry hefty weight, then the fuel economy will face a downfall.

But you can enhance the fuel economy by purchasing an aerodynamic rooftop carrier that can slash through the air and there is minimal resistance. Also, pack a lesser load if you need more fuel economy.

Q3: Which Size of the Cargo Carrier is Perfect for my Car?

A3: It depends on the type of vehicle you own. Generally, an 11 cubic feet cargo carrier is perfect for all small-sized SUVs and sedans. In the case of large SUVs, both 11 cubic feet and 15 cubic feet will work great. However, you can also go for higher size variants if you have a powerful vehicle.

Q4: How can I load the Cargo to make sure that there are no Damages during the Travel?

A4: There are multiple ways to load your cargo carrier, but it is necessary to distribute the weight evenly. Consider packing the bulky items first, and place them in a manner that the total weight is distributed on every tire.

Now you can pack the smaller items on the bulkiest ones for appropriate loading. Keep in mind that there should be nothing to obstruct the closing lid of the rooftop carrier.

Also, the un-tied items can create difficulties and can damage the inner area of the carrier.

Tie all the items properly, and cross-check by pulling the ropes before you head towards your destination.

Q5: What to do with the Carrier when it is not in Use?

A5: You can store the cargo carrier when not in use. For soft bags, you can fold them and can store them in the case. If you have a bucket or a hard case, then you can demount it or can keep it in a safe area where they remain protected from all the scratches and dents.

Q6: Is there any specific way to Attach the Rooftop Carrier with the Vehicle?

A6: Attaching a cargo carrier with the roof rack is an easy task if you refer to the instruction manual and perform every step with patience. Some cargo carriers have straps that are easy to mount; on the other hand, some cargo carriers support brackets and nut-bolts.

If you have a cargo carrier with brackets, then screw the brackets on the roof racks and then attach it with the cargo carrier. Else you can loop the strap from the rack and can wrap it around the cargo carrier.

Q7: How does a Rooftop Cargo Carrier affect a Car’s Performance?

A7: A rooftop cargo carrier can have a significant impact on the vehicle’s fuel economy. Also, the driver might struggle to steer the vehicle due to the oncoming air drag.

The only solution to avoid these issues is buying a rooftop cargo carrier with an aerodynamic design. You can consider Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier. It’s an amazing cargo box that cuts through the air and rewards you with better control over the vehicle along with good mileage.

Final Thoughts

Buying the best rooftop cargo carriers is indispensable to make things much more manageable. Using a cargo carrier will increase the space inside the cabin as everything is loaded in the carrier. Also, you will get some free space inside the boot.

Make sure that you have gone through the rooftop cargo carrier reviews and the buying guide before purchasing a rooftop cargo carrier.

Also, make a detailed checklist and match it with every single product you have wish-listed. It will assist you in picking an excellent product that is equipped with every feature you need and is worth the money you have paid for it.

The best rooftop cargo carrier in this fleet is Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier. The product comes with everything you need and is aerodynamic to save you from the herculean resistance offered by the winds.

However, if you are looking for something inexpensive then you should buy AmazonBasics Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag. The rooftop cargo carrier is resistant to water, sun, and dust. Also you will get decent load capacity that is more than enough to choose AmazonBasics as your rooftop carrier.

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