18 Best Toyota Cars under $50,000 (2023)

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From a subcompact car to an SUV, Toyota is always offering its customers with a range of exceptional cars.

If you too are a Toyota fan and want to discover the best Toyota cars within a budget of $50,000, then checkout our comprehensive list that we have compiled especially for you.

1. Toyota Yaris – $16,135 to $18,885

Best Toyota Cars

Image Credit: autocarindia

This budget car from Toyota comes from the competitive segment. With a 1.5-liter engine delivering 106 horsepower, the car comes with a 5-speed manual and a 4-speed automatic mechanism.

Excellent visibility and the basic Toyota’s fine-tune infotainment system are some of the exclusive features of Yaris.

It is a wonderful car that not just holds the Toyota brand but also hosts some of the best features and available within a budget.

2. Toyota Yaris iA – $15,950 to $17,050

Best Toyota Cars

Image Credit: rickhendricktoyotasandysprings

It is not just one of the premium new cars under $50,000 but is an excellent version available at a competitive price.

The car hosts a 4-cylinder 1.5-liter engine offering 106 horsepower and provides an option of 6-speed automatic and manual driving.

The car is loaded with numerous rich features, like keyless entry, 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system, automated emergency brake, Bluetooth connectivity, and comfortable interiors.

With excellent interior and exterior design, the car is worth its price.

3. Toyota Tacoma – $26,445 to $38,885

Best Toyota Cars

Image Credit: tfltruck

With the rugged, handsome appearance and great fuel-efficiency, the Toyota Tacoma is perfect for rich off-road and on-road experience.

The car incorporates a 4-cylinder, 2.7-liter engine delivering a 180 lb-ft torque functionality. You can use the 6-speed automatic driving or 5-speed manual driving system.

The V6 3.5-liter engine is optional and when properly equipped can withstand the 6800lb weight. With multitudes of upgrades and heavy-duty suspension, the car is ideal for serious adventures and everyday rides.

4. Toyota Tundra – $26,800

Best Toyota Cars

Image Credit: Street Toyota

The Tundra is one of the best Toyota models that hold luxuriously finished interiors and audacious styling.

With availability in a range of bed lengths and body style, it offers 4-wheel drive mechanism. The powertrains comprise a basic 310 horsepower 4.6 liter V-8 engine.

It even comes with an optional V8 5.7-liter engine delivering 381 horsepower both offering 6-speed transmission. With a maximum towing rate of 10,200 pounds, this car is truly a giant beast.

5. Toyota Sienna – $26,750 to $31,795

Best Toyota Cars to Buy

Image Credit: carsoid

The boss of all minivans, Toyota Sienna, is ideal for families looking for the high-quality build, roomy and comfortable interiors.

The car comes with a 3.5 liter, V6 engine paired to deliver 296 horsepower. It comes with an 8-speed automatic driving mechanism and smooth 4-wheel drive that surely delivers smooth ride even when under extreme weather conditions.

Besides housing an intercom equipped at front-seat, it incorporates a Blu-Ray entertainment display. The car is truly an ideal choice for the enthusiasts and comfort lovers.

6. 2018 Toyota Corolla iM – $18,850 to $19,590

Best Toyota Cars to Buy

Image Credit: Car and Driver

Hosting a divine look and serene style, the Toyota Corolla iM is one of the best Toyota cars to buy.

Pitch-perfect and elegant styling, a thorough list of standard features along with the unparalleled comfort make this car a perfect buy. It is a premium model incorporated with numerous rich features.

Besides a handsome exterior look, the car hosts excellent interiors and offer comfort and speed of unmatched level.

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7. 2016 Toyota Rav4 – $24,350 to $32,910

Best Toyota Cars to Buy

Image Credit: Car and Driver

With precisely angled headlamps and precisely edged bodywork, the Rav4 is a practical, high-performing, and comfortable car.

It is incorporated with a 176 horsepower and 2.5 liters 6-speed automatic and 4-speed manual engine. With the all-wheel drive for front and rear wheels, it offers brilliant fuel efficiency of 31mpg.

Besides a 6.1inch infotainment system in XLE, SE, and LE trims, it is an all-new version housing an elegant and edgy design.

8. 2017 Toyota Sequoia – $45,560 to $65,315

Best Toyota Cars to Buy

Image Credit: Indian Autos blog

It is one of the best Toyota cars of all time that comes with a fully revamped premium-grade body.

The car is powered by a 5.7-liter V-8 engine offering 381 horsepower, rear and all-wheel drive, and a 6-speed automatic mechanism. It is a high-end SUV in the most elite sense.

With a fresh front end and novel TRD sport trim levels, it also incorporates basic safety equipment like adaptive cruise control and lane-departure alert. The car offers seating capacity for 8 people and can tow 7400lb with ease.

9. 2018 Prius Prime – $28,020

Best Toyota Cars to Buy

Image Credit: Toyota Escondido

Toyota brings another brilliant option to people crazy about efficient driving.

This plug-in hybrid has a 4-cylinder gas engine coupled with a bigger battery as available in standard Prius models. It can yield up to 25 miles in the electric range.

It holds a giant 11.6-inch touchscreen infotainment system that is basic. The smooth steering functionality ensures that every time you take a turn, it is smooth, even when the road is quite edgy.

10. 2017 Toyota Prius V – $26,675

Best Toyota Cars of All Time

Image Credit: Milton Toyota

Blended with the efficacy of a hybrid and functionality of a wagon, the Toyota Prius is one of the best Toyota cars to consider.

It is a brilliant utility vehicle housing folded rear seats, thereby offering enough space of 67 cubic feet. It offers a high efficiency of 44mpg but lacks enough driving dynamics.

It offers comfort inducing attributes and holds a unique exterior design. The looks and comfort of this car are enough to grab attention.

11. 2015 Toyota Prius – $24,200 to $30,005

Best Toyota Cars of All Time

Image Credit: Miller Toyota

With an incomparable combination of efficiency and space, the Prius from Toyota is a compelling and high-performing car.

It not just delivers an incomparable speed of 75-mph but is also a great car to drive.

One limitation of this car is that it bounces over broken roads, which can be discomforting. But it has comfortable seating, and on folding the rear seats, it offers a 66 feet cubic cargo space.

It is a fuel efficient car available with responsive touchscreen control as well as an excellent infotainment system.

12. 2018 Toyota C-HR – $22,500 to $24,350

Best Toyota Cars of All Time

Image Credit: autoTrader

It is one of the best Toyota cars of all time that is a powerful 2.0-liter engine delivering 144 horsepower.

The car comes with a variable automated transmission and front-wheel drive.

It comes with basic safety features like automated emergency braking, lane assistance, lane departure warning, and warning for forward collision, adaptive cruise control, and automatic high beams.

It is an ideal family car for those looking for an excellent piece in a budget.

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13. 2016 Toyota Prius C – $20,630 to 24,965

Best Toyota Cars of All Time

Image Credit: YouTube

It is slightly less robust than Prius powertrain and is available with a shorter wheelbase.

The car delivers 43mpg efficiency on highways. It is a fuel-efficient vehicle filled with numerous exclusive features.

Besides the standard safety mechanism, this car comes with an automated braking system as well as warning for lane-departure. With a shorter wheelbase and excellent comfort, the car delivers 99 horsepower.

14. 2016 Toyota Highlander – $29,999

Best Toyota Cars of All Time

Image Credit: The Car Connection

It is one of the best Toyota cars to buy that has always been a big favorite among the buyers. The Highlander can accommodate 8 people comfortably.

It hosts a 2.7-liter engine with a base of 185 horsepower and incorporates a 6-speed automatic mechanism. The car comes with an all-wheel drive, which is optional and couples the V6 two electric motors.

Besides being a fuel-efficient car, it delivers a rich driving experience. It is one of the best deals offering interior niceties and abundant storage.

15. 2016 Toyota Camry – $12,726

Best Toyota Models

Image Credit: Consumer Guide

The Toyota Camry is designed to make an impressive reputation in the market. With an impressive new appearance and a highly responsive chassis, this car offers an output of up to 203 horsepower.

There is even a V6 engine offering 301 ponies and pairing an 8-speed automatic transmission.

Besides brilliant fuel efficiency, the Camry is EPA rated delivering 52mpg power. The revamped Camry holds active safety features and more appeal.

16. 2017 Toyota Corolla – $15,250

Best Toyota Models

Image Credit: YouTube

The feature loaded Corolla is one of the best Toyota models to purchase. Powered by a 1.8 liter 4-cylinder engine, it delivers up to 140 horsepower in the LE version.

It holds 6-speed manual and a touchscreen infotainment system of 6.1 inches.

Additionally, the touchscreen incorporates Bluetooth and can be extended to 7.0 inch with precise navigation.

Lane keeping assistance, adaptive cruise control, automated emergency braking, and automatic high-beams are prominent features of this car.

17. 2015 Toyota Avalon – $36,420

Best Toyota Models

Image Credit: The Fast Lane Car

Sculpted with exquisite styling, brilliant agility, and luxurious interior, the Toyota Avalon is a great competition to its rivals.

The car hosts a V6 3.5-liter engine of 268 horsepower and 6-speed automatic mechanism.

It is a responsive and smooth version paired with an optional 2.5 liter 4-cylinder engine with an electric motor and offering 200 horsepower. The great comfort and high speed make it a perfect car for long distances.

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18. 2018 Toyota 4Runner – $34,810

Best Toyota Models

Image Credit: Premiercars

The 4Runner is a mid-size SUV ideal for drivers looking for strong engineering and brilliant performance.

With a capacity to tow 5000lb it is accustomed to deliver a smooth ride on uneven and roughest terrains. The swanky interiors are well-equipped with a single powertrain of the V6 engine, 4.0 liter, and 270 horsepower.

It is a beast that comes with 5-speed automatic transmission and designed to deliver performance unmatched.

Toyota is one of the prestigious automakers in the world. It holds deep market penetration worldwide. While these are some of the best Toyota cars under $50,000, the brand definitely has more to offer.

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