7 Essential Factors to Consider Before Buying a Used BMW & 11 Best Used BMWs

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So you have finally decided to fulfill your dream of owning a BMW. This German car manufacturer is one of the most sought after brands, whose logo everyone desires on their dream cars.

It’s great that you are considering buying a used BMW because it would provide you a great balance between luxury and cost.

BMWs are known for their unbeatable performance, powerful engines, top of the class luxury and stunning design besides their high esteem value. But their steep costs make it difficult for most people to park one in their own garage.

Buying a second hand BMW is a wise move when you desire the luxury and performance, but are still a short on the cash.

Essential factors to consider before buying a used BMW

However, there are some factors that you need to consider before getting your hands on the best used BMWs and make sure that you are purchasing a good deal only.

1. Check Car’s History

The importance of thoroughly going through the entire history of the second hand BMW that you are considering to buy can’t be stated enough.

Ask the dealer or the seller in detail about various particulars of the model like year of purchase, previous owners, service details etc.

It’s always recommended to get all your doubts regarding the vehicle cleared upfront before the purchase and verify it side-by-side by personally inspecting the car.

Besides, the most important question that you need to ask is the reason why the current owner is selling the car. If you are not satisfied by their answer, it’s advised to be on a safer side and not consider buying that model.

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2. Inspect and Then Buy

Another essential thing to consider before buying a used BMW is a complete inspection of the car.

First of all ensure that the car was purchased from an authorized BMW dealer only.

Then inspect the car from the inside as well as the outside to look out for any areas of concerns or potential concerns.

Especially check the condition of the tires, brakes, steering and other important parts. Insist on taking the car for a test ride and check the performance.

Ask them for the complete service records to cross-check whether they are telling the truth about the car. In any case, never buy a car just by looking at its photograph in the advertisement.

3. Repairs and Service

Besides the high capital cost of owning a BMW, the operational costs are a bit on the higher side too.

It’s quite a costly affair to maintain a BMW and can be a cause of concern for many of the second hand BMW buyers.

Even if you have bought the most reliable BMW model there is, it’ll need timely service and preventive maintenance just like other cars.

If you get those done from a BMW dealership, it’ll probably make a huge dent in your pocket. So it’s advisable to search and contact a reliable garage in your locality that specializes in maintaining BMWs.

4. Try to Buy a Certified Pre-owned BMW from a BMW Dealership

To save yourself from the hassle of checking and inspecting every little detail before buying a used BMW, consider visiting an authorized BMW dealer in your vicinity and inquire about certified pre-owned BMWs.

Though the initial capital cost will be on the higher side, but the extra warranty and effortless after service make it worth the extra dollars.

You save a lot of time and effort that goes in finding a good deal when you are searching by yourselves or through a broker, with the certified option.

5. Car Ownership Costs

Apart from checking and inspecting the car for damages and maintenance requirements, there is one more area of concern that you should be clear of before grabbing the keys to a BMW. This car is not economic to own.

If you have been a Toyota or a Honda owner in the past, you’ll be at least uncomfortable while paying thousands of dollars for simple spare parts, oil changes and other maintenance stuff that doesn’t hurt much in the economy cars.

Those dents and scratches will become even more dreaded and heavens have mercy in case of an accident or a major repair!

6. Check the Paperwork

It doesn’t matter if you are buying a used BMW through a used car dealer, a broker, authorized BMW dealership or directly from the owner. You have to meticulously scrutinize the paper work of the car to steer clear of any unpleasant surprises in the future.

Even if you have thoroughly checked the car inside out, or are going for one of the best used BMWs, make it a point that you visit the Vehicle Registration Authority for confirming the papers.

Take professional help in case you are facing challenges or doubts at any step of the process.

7. The Price

Although you are going for a used BMW, the price factor can still be a hurdle. Your budget might not be allowing you to go for a particular model that you desire. The good part is that even the best used BMWs to buy have a negotiable price tag.

So if you are good at bargaining, you may land a pretty sweet deal for the model that your heart aches for. Take help from a friend or colleague of yours who’s a tough negotiator, in case you lack the skill.

It’s also recommended to look out for offers that are floated from time to time, who knows when you might get lucky!

11 Best used BMWs to buy

1. BMW 750i

Buying a Used BMW

Image Credit: Edmunds

For those who want to own a BMW for the sheer experience of owning a true luxurious car, the 7 series is undisputedly the one to look for.

With magnanimously large cabin space and classy interiors coupled with a V8 engine, this is every car lover’s dream incarnated.

The best part is that due to fast depreciation, you can get a 2008 model at decent negotiable prices!

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2. BMW 320i

Buying a Used BMW

Image Credit: Youtube

One of the most reliable BMW model, the 3 series is a classic choice if you are looking for options on the economic side, but don’t compromise on the luxury and looks of the iconic car.

It will be wiser to go for the petrol engine version as they’ll cost you quite less as compared to diesel ones.

3. BMW X5

Buying a Used BMW

Image Credit: BMW

This mid-size luxury crossover built on the series-5 platform of BMW is a serious performer besides being an SUV-lover’s dream car. It won’t be easy to get a bargain on this one, so think it through before you go for it.

4. BMW 435i Coupe

Buying a Used BMW

Image Credit: Automobilemag

Are you a fan of sports cars, but looking for something with a bit of luggage capacity too? Then this one’s your finest bet among the used BMW cars. Since this is a 4-seater, it brings the best of both worlds in a stunningly crafted masterpiece.

5. BMW 118i

Best Used BMWs

Image Credit: Youtube

If you are set on buying a used BMW hatchback, then this is it. Its interiors are not the most commodious, and the plastic dashboard doesn’t even look like a BMW, but its great performance and pleasurable driving make it worth considering.

Make sure you check it thoroughly, especially the electronics before finalizing your decision.

6. BMW X3

Best Used BMWs

Image Credit: Edmunds

You’ll definitely have to pump up your budget in case you desire to purchase this beautiful beast in the brand new form from the BMW showroom.

But several reviews stand as testimonial to its sheer performance and justify its price. If it’s alright to compromise on the brand new front, then you can easily find X3 at a much cheaper price.

7. BMW 530d

Best Used BMWs

Image Credit: BMWblog

Most people buy BMW for the luxury and brand value that this car has in abundance. Best suited for the savvy businessmen and the veteran executives, it is a popular choice among them.

Take it under consideration if what you are seeking is a blend of performance, class and price.

8. BMW 5 Series Touring

Second Hand BMWs

Image Credit: Bauercdn

All those looking to find the sweet spot between luxury and practicality, BMW has a great offer for you.

The 5 series touring is the best used BMW to buy in the estate/wagon segment.

It has all the amazing qualities of the 5 series saloon, besides the exquisite leg room and commodious interiors.

9. BMW 330d Touring

Second Hand BMWs

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Another gem amongst second hand BMWs, this series 3 model is a popular choice among the luxury estate car lovers.

Though not quite as good as the sedan version, it still is more than better while compared to other bulky estates in the market in terms of driving pleasure and sheer class.

10. BMW Z4

Best Used BMW to Buy

Image Credit: Edmunds

This two-seater coupe/ roadster model is one of the most stylish BMWs out there. Heads will turn when you pass the streets with the hardtop roof retracted backwards and the powerful engine revving sweetly.

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11. BMW 3 GT

Best Used BMW to Buy

Image Credit: Autocar

A bit deviant towards the quirky side as compared to the classy one in terms of style, this hatchback makes for a good choice when you are buying a used BMW car that separates you from the crowd.

You can crack a pretty decent deal for this model as it is not a mainstream choice for most out there.

Possessing the keys to a BMW is a dream that most people have envisioned as a kid. And if you want to live this dream of yours, but are a bit short on the pocket, then buying a used BMW is a smart move. Just take care of the tips that we have provided and go for it.

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