25 Jay Z Cars : Biggest Cars Collection

Jay Z Cars

Shawn Corey Carter aka Jay Z is one of the biggest all-time bestselling musicians, having sold more than 75 million singles and 50 million albums worldwide. His wife, singer-songwriter Beyonce Knowles is also a hugely popular American actress and celebrity. The combined networth of Jay Z and Beyonce is more than $1.6 billion. The power … Read more

21 Incredible James Bond Cars

James Bond Cars

Perfectly tailored suits, the Walther PPK pistol, and the vodka martini. There are numerous signature items that define James Bond, perhaps the most popular film franchise in the world. But it’s the James Bond cars that attract the most attention in all films that feature the fictional MI6 agent. Since he debuted on screen in … Read more

LeBron James Cars Collection: His Complete Car List (2023)

LeBron James Cars

LeBron James, the NBA star, is widely considered as one of the greatest basketball players ever. He has several top awards in his kitty. With a reported networth of around $300 million, not surprisingly, James collection of cars is as enviable as the player’s record earnings. Over the years he has lined up several luxury … Read more

Top 21 Cars From Cristiano Ronaldo Cars Collection

Cristiano Ronaldo Cars Collection

Cristiano Ronaldo needs no introduction. The key player of Real Madrid is not only famous for his impeccable skills on the ground but for his exclusive cars collection as well. Ronaldo car list includes some of the fastest cars on the track like Bugatti Veyron and even the epitome of luxury like Bentley Continental GT. … Read more

Top 25 Cars From Jay Leno Car Collection

Jay Leno Car Collection

When it comes to some of the prominent car collectors, Jay Leno’s name is often in the leading position. After taking an exit from the ‘Tonight Show’, Jay Leno started a new inning as ‘Jay Leno’s Garage’. The Garage was not only a show, it was a warehouse for some of the exclusive cars located … Read more

Donald Trump Car Collection : Exotic Cars Owned by Trump and Possible Additions

Donald Trump Car Collection

What does Donald Trump drive? Like many flamboyant billionaires, the US President owns an impressive collection of exotic and expensive cars. Most of these cars don’t get much of a workout since Trump is mostly shuttled around in chauffer driven government vehicles and private jets. He gets little time to drive himself. But let’s take … Read more