20 Most Luxurious Celebrity Cars

Luxurious Celebrity Cars

Celebrities and their lavish lifestyles are stuff dreams are made of. Celebrity cars mark the glamorous status of the celebrities and announce their arrival in style. Here is a list of 20 most luxurious celebrity cars that will make you burn with envy: 1. Jay-Z : Maybach Exelero Image Credit: legendaryvideos The world-famous rapper and … Read more

Justin Bieber Cars: The Most Expensive List

Lamborghini Huracan

Justin Bieber has achieved what many of us can only dream of at such a tender age. This 23 year old pop sensation boasts of a fleet of exquisite cars, worth more than $100 million! The fact that he got his first car at the age of 16 years is enviable for most of us. … Read more

30 Extraordinary Athlete Cars That Excite Every Auto Lover

Extraordinary Athelete Cars

The big bucks that the athletes earn are often spent on lavish cars that announce their celebrity status in style. Every auto lover will love to have a look at these athlete cars that look fabulous and perform even better. Here is a compilation of 30 extraordinary athlete cars that are absolutely lust worthy: 1. … Read more