25 Jay Z Cars : Biggest Cars Collection

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Shawn Corey Carter aka Jay Z is one of the biggest all-time bestselling musicians, having sold more than 75 million singles and 50 million albums worldwide.

His wife, singer-songwriter Beyonce Knowles is also a hugely popular American actress and celebrity. The combined networth of Jay Z and Beyonce is more than $1.6 billion.

The power couple, not surprisingly, owns an enviable collection of cars. Let’s take a look at the Jay Z cars collection that the couple has collected over time.

1. Rolls Royce Phantom

Jay Z most expensive car

Image Credit: YouTube

The Rolls Royce Phantom is a car of epic proportions. It’s called the Phantom because the automobile is reflective and sparkly and when it glides by your side, it seems there’s none behind the wheel.

It’s one of the most coveted cars for Hollywood celebrities in film premieres and red carpet events. It matches Jay Z’s hip-hop style of music.

2. Tesla Model S

Jay Z most expensive car

Image Credit: Green Car Reports

This car was one of the quieter acquisitions of the celebrity rapper.

It’s only when Beyonce uploaded the car’s picture on Instagram that people came to know about the acquisition. Everyone was then confirmed that the couple did own the car.

Well, we don’t really know what happens to the older cars in his collection. This Tesla had an all-black paint job and after-market wheels.

3. Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet

Jay Z Cars list

Image Credit: bringatrailer

This is often considered one of the epic cars from the German automobile manufacturer and is actually a Porsche prototype.

But the vehicle falls in line with Jay Z’s fascination for speed and classic cars. The 911 Carrera Cabriolet was introduced in 1963 and largely retains its original looks even today.

In fact, nearly 90% of its components are retained from the original.

4. Mercedes SLR

Jay Z Cars collection

Image Credit: Toni Payne

The Mercedes SLR in the Jay Z cars collection is mostly driven around by Beyonce.

Only 3,550 of these exclusive cars were built and the average person won’t even get a chance to smell the exhaust fumes coming out of this automobile.

The production lasted from 2003 to 2010. The car had a powerful V8 engine that zooms 0-60 in 3.4 seconds.

5. Pagani Zonda F

Jay Z Cars list

Image Credit: Brothersoft

The Pagani Zonda F is one of the rarest cars in existence. Automobile experts would brand it as a prized jewel in anybody’s car collection. Zonda F is the Jay Z most expensive car.

Not even many top celebrities can afford this car. It’s fitted with a V12 7.3 liter Mercedes Benz AMG engine and can reach a top speed of 214mph.

6. Jeep Wrangler

Jay Z Cars

Image Credit: Flickr

This is perhaps a must-have car for all celebrities, and the Jay Z cars list has a number of them. The one owned by the celebrity couple is customized, with the roof and doors missing. The couple likes to call it one of the more utility cars in their driveway. The car, for some reasons, didn’t go down well with them in the beginning.

7. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

Jay Z Cars

Image Credit: extravaganzi

This was a birthday gift to Beyonce from Jay Z. The car of course has appeared in the peppy lyrics of many hip-hop stars.

The rapper was reportedly thrilled with the car despite having several vehicles already in the Jay Z cars list.

The Veyron Super Sport clocks a whopping 264mph top speed. Production versions are reportedly lower.

8. Rolls Royce Silver Cloud

Jay Z most expensive car

Image Credit: toocool2betrue

This vintage beauty was gifted by Jay Z to Beyonce and it’s one of her favorite cars. It could be because of the huge sentimental value attached to the car. Beyonce has been often photographed with the car.

Despite being vintage, the Silver Cloud is extremely fast and clocks 0-60 in 10.9 seconds. No wonder Jay Z loves it.

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9. Maybach Exelero

Jay Z Cars

Image Credit: paperlief

No celebrity can live without a Maybach and Jay Z and Beyonce are no different.

The Exelero is a two-seater coupe which comes with a $8 million price tag. The car can attain a top speed of 200mph. It’s one of the best performing vehicles in its class.

It’s a modern interpretation of Maybach’s streamlined sports car of the 1930s.

10. Mercede-Benz Sprinter Limousine Van

Jay Z Cars

Image Credit: freshnessmag

Priced at $150,000 this is one the most expensive family-styled vans in the market. It’s feature-heavy and comes with a full bathroom, complete with a toilet, sink, and even a shower.

But it’s hardly the automobile that you expect celebrities to drive, and Jay Z-Beyonce doesn’t. The Sprinter limo is ideally suited for long family trips.

11. Cadillac Escalade Black

Jay Z Cars

Image Credit: lamleygroup

This one has been a favorite of the couple for quite some time now. Beyonce has been photographed often with the car.

It’s also one of the most practical cars that the couple owns. It’s purchased largely because of the car’s unassuming appearance.

The tinted windows keep celebrities off from prying eyes. Moving around unspotted is best done in the Escalade.

12. Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Jay Z Cars collection

Image Credit: big4all

The perennial favorite of anybody who’s a somebody. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class appeared in the rapper’s notorious epic run with his former business partner Damon Nash.

The car was a major prop in that video. It was purchased when Jay Z was not really a family man, and is probably what he meant by “big pimpin’ and spending gees.”

13. Ferrari F430 Spider

Jay Z Cars

Image Credit: complex

Perhaps the most gorgeous looking convertible from the Italian automobile manufacturer.

This is an unbelievable car with tons of speed and a solid unbreakable braking system. The F430 is Ferrari’s 21st convertible and was launched in 2005.

Beyonce wanted this Ferrari to be her ‘grown woman’ cars. It’s the red color variant that Jay Z owns, not that many can be spotted on the roads.

14. Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport

Jay Z Cars

Image Credit: zercustoms

Beyonce gifted the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport to Jay Z on his 41st birthday. The car cost $2 million.

The vehicle has a W16 turbo-quad engine with 1,190bhp and capable of reaching a top speed of 225mph. It goes 0-60mph in just 2.6 seconds.

The Veyron Grand Sport is fitted with a dual clutch transmission system and is among the fastest street-legal supercar.

15. Maybach 57S

Jay Z Cars

Image Credit: highsnobsociety

The 57S series was introduced after the Daimler Chrysler revived the Maybach brand. The 57S is based on the Merc S Class sedan.

The car has been ranked ahead of Bentley and Rolls Royce regarding performance and quality.

The car has a V12 6.0 liter engine and produces 630hp. It reaches 0-60mph in less than five seconds.

16. Chevrolet Corvette 1957

Jay Z Cars

Image Credit: Pinterest

Jay Z not only has a penchant for superfast ultra-modern cars, he has a liking for some vintage stuff as well.

This Corvette 1957 is one of the first such cars ever made.

The starting price of the vehicle was $3,176.32 when it was first introduced in the market. The celebrity couple has been spotted in the car many times.

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17. Bentley Continental GT

Jay Z Cars

Image Credit: autonews

Cars from the British manufacturer are getting more luxurious every year.

The Continental GT is an oversized vehicle among Jay Z cars but comes with an ultramodern V8 engine. It attains 0-60mph in 4.6 seconds.

Having bought this car, Jay Z is in the company of King Juan Carlos, Samuel L Jackson and other Hollywood stars.

18. Chrysler Pacifica

Jay Z Cars

Image Credit: jamesnews

The Chrysler Pacifica in the Jay Z cars collection is a rather plain looking vehicle.

It perhaps matches the couple’s mood when they don’t want to turn heads and blend into the crowd unspotted. It’s the perfect family wagon that accomplishes its adjectives.

The Pacifica is Beyonce’s favorite while taking the kids out for shopping and other errands.

19. Maybach 62S

Jay Z Cars

Image Credit: autogespot

The third Maybach in the Jay Z cars garage. He loves a number of fine things in life — fine wines, fine cars, and of course the Maybachs.

The four-door Maybach 62S was produced from 2002 to 2012. The rich and famous swear by it.

The entry-level car was priced nearly $500,000, and yes, sans the options in the higher end variants.

20. GMC Yukon SLT

Jay Z Cars

Image Credit: azure.barrett-jackson

Not one of the fastest in the Jay Z cars collection, but the GMC Yukon is known for its sturdy built and safety.

The seats of the Yukon SLT is most interesting with the five-point harness, detachable canopy, and the load leg design that adds extra safety to the car. This is one of the robust SUVs on the road.

21. Mercedes-Benz 190E

Jay Z Cars

Image Credit: tumblr

Jay Z lived in England sometime in the late 1980s. He drove around the then new Mercedes-Benz 190E.

Well, the car may not command the same prestige like the newer Mercedes members in his collection, but the vehicle was a luxury he savored.

He had a taste for foreign cars since long and the 190E was among the first examples.

22. Lexus GS

Jay Z Cars

Image Credit: Lexus Enthusiast

Back in the summer of 1995, the world wasn’t very familiar with Jay Z.

It was when the future rap mogul had his first media shoot. The Ferraris and Maybachs were probably out of his budget and he settled for a Lexus GS.

Jay Z artfully applied his name on the registration plate of the Lexus to forge a personalized look.

23. Alfa Romeo Spider

Jay Z Cars

Image Credit: Twitter

Not much is known about the Alfa Romeo Spider that Jay Z owns, except that it’s a second generation car from the Turin-headquarterd automobile manufacturer.

The Series 2 cars that Jay Z has, was produced between 1970 and 1982.

Whether he still has the vehicle in his backyard is not exactly known but he loved the car for the time he drove.

24. Range Rover

Jay Z Cars list

Image Credit: justjared

The Range Rover is a common member among all celebrity cars collection.

It’s the ultimate SUV to negotiate muddy puddles, bumpy terrains and natural elements like heavy rain and snow.

The Range Rover has been refined through generations and is widely considered the safest of all off-roaders. It accommodates the entire Carter clan and still has enough space.

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25. Mercedes-Benz S-Class C217

Jay Z Cars collection

Image Credit: waldusa

The second S-Class vehicle in the Jay Z cars collection.

This one is mostly driven by Beyonce. Just like her husband’s S-Class, this one produces 463hp from a 4.0 liter 9-speed V8 bi-trubo engine.

That’s surely some power from a luxury sedan. Not exactly a street burner, but Beyonce’s S-Class comments a lot on her style statement.

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