21 Kim Kardashian Car Collection: Her Luxurious Cars List (2023)

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Kim Kardashian and her husband Kayne West are two of the most popular celebrities in the US. The socialite lives a life of luxury and she has been a topic of interest for several years now.

The Kardashians not only excel in entertaining people, they also own an impressive lineup of luxury cars.

Right from the Ferraris to Maybachs, the Kim Kardashian cars complement the opulent living of the celebrity couple.

Here’s taking a look at the Kim Kardashian car collection.

1. Aston Martin DB9

Kim Kardashian cars

Image Credit: Zimbio

The Aston Martin DB9 is one of the most favorite cars among rich celebrities all over the world. The exterior and interior design of the car has won praise among car critics. And then there is the James Bond brand attached to it.

The Aston Martin DB9 returned in the 2012 Bond film ‘Skyfall’. According to reports, the Kardashians spent $200,000 to own this luxury car.

2. Lamborghini Aventador

Kim Kardashian cars

Image Credit: Car Throttle

This is one of the most expensive Kim Kardashian cars that the couple own.

The Lamborghini Aventador is priced at around $400,000. And that too it’s the mid-engine basic sports car from the Bologna-headquartered manufacturer.

The Aventador was introduced in 2011 and it replaced the Murciélago.

The company produced only 4.000 units of the car that were quickly snapped up by the super rich. Kim bought the Aventador for Kayne’s 36th birthday.

3. Lamborghini Gallardo

Kim Kardashian cars

Image Credit: Celebrity Carz

The Gallardo is the second Lamborghini in the Kim Kardashian car collection. This one is the cheaper of the two.

The basic model of the car is priced at around $180,000 and goes all the way up to $209,000 for the convertible version.

Lamborghini manufactured only 14,022 units of the car between 2003 and 2013. The last car rolled out of the assembly line on 23 November 2013.

4. Mercedes SLR

Kim Kardashian Mercedes Benz

Image Credit: Complex

The Mercedes SLR is one of the first cars to be owned by the American reality TV star. The couple is often seen moving around in it and the SLR is one of the favorite Kim Kardashian cars.

The price of the vehicle could be anywhere between $400,000 to a whopping $850,000, depending on the version they own.

The top-end model is one of the most luxurious cars from the German automaker.

5. Mercedes G Wagon

Kim Kardashian cars

Image Credit: The Sun

The Mercedes G Wagon is one of the toughest vehicles of its kind. Kayne is often seen driving the G Wagon in California.

It’s one of his most favorite cars. The G Wagon is a high specification jeep from Mercedes with the characteristic boxy design.

The off-roader is pretty popular among the rich and famous. The base price is around $120,000 and is a worthy inclusion in the range of Kim Kardashian cars.

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6. Mercedes S Class

Kim Kardashian cars

Image Credit: AskPatty

The Kim Kardashian Mercedes Benz range includes several cars from the Stuttgart-headquartered automobile manufacturer.

The S Class is one of most basic vehicles among the Kim Kardashian cars. The ‘S’ means sonderklasse or special class.

The vehicle was introduced back in the 1970s and since then there has been several trims. The car is mostly chauffer driven.

World leaders and politicians are mostly seen in the back seat.

7. Mercedes Maybach

Kim Kardashian cars

Image Credit: Vogue

This car is the ultimate status symbol of celebrities, and the rich and famous from all over the world.

Maybach is Mercedes Benz’s luxury car brand. It’s replete with luxury touches that include curtains and lie-flat seating.

Technically, the Mercedes Maybach is the ultra-luxury trim of the S Class. Less than 50 units of the car were sold in the US and production was stopped in December 2012.

8. Rolls Royce Phantom

Kim Kardashian cars

Image Credit: YouTube

This car has been the ultimate symbol of success and luxury for generations. The Rolls Royce Phantom has been produced since the early 1900s.

The car has shuttled kings, royal families, successful business persons, and celebrities. It holds its position alongside private jets and superyachts.

The Phantom owned by Kim Kardashian is believed to be priced at around $500,000. The car certainly matches her lifestyle.

9. Prombron Red Diamond

Kim Kardashian Range Rover

Image Credit: Freshness Mag

This one is a heavily armored SUV. Each car costs an unbelievable $1.2 million and there are two Red Diamonds among the Kim Kardashian cars.

It’s manufactured by Latvian carmaker Dartz Motorz and can withstand landmines and grenades. The basic version of the car costs $300,000.

The one in the Kim Kardashian car collection has ruby and gold badges, and comes with three bottles of Russo-Baltique, the most expensive vodka in the world.

10. Bentley Continental GT Convertible

Kim Kardashian cars

Image Credit: AskPatty

The Bentley Continental GT Convertible is a favorite among billionaires, rappers and superstar athletes. The car has something for everyone and top celebrities warm up to it.

The Continental is available either as a convertible or a four-seat coupe.

The Kardashians have owned the car since 2009 and is often spotted going shopping with it at Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. The car is available in several trims upwards of $200,000.

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11. Rolls Royce Ghost

Kim Kardashian car collection

Image Credit: atlnightspots

Kim Kardashian and Kayne West love their Rolls Royce. Beside the Phantom there is a Ghost in their garage.

The Rolls Royce Ghost is for those who are hunting for some spirited driving experience without compromising on sybaritic luxury.

The satellite-aided gearbox reads the roadscape ahead and shifts the transmission accordingly. Some superbly crafted wood veneers and leather seating inside the car ups the luxury quotient.

12. Ferrari F430

Kim Kardashian cars

Image Credit: Pinterest

Kayne and Kim take turns to drive this car. Kim has been driving one since 2009. It was also the last year the car was produced.

The body styling was improved from its predecessor the Ferrari 360.

The F430 was the ultimate sports car in its years of production. International celebrities and film personalities all had at least one F430 in their garage.

The car was known for its styling.

13. Ferrari 458 Italia

Kim Kardashian cars

Image Credit: biser3a

The Ferrari is the chosen brand for all rich and famous and the Kardashians top the list of international celebrities.

The car gives one of the best driving pleasures and reaches 0-60mph in three seconds flat.

The 458 Italia offers top-level handling and performance with a generous dose of Italian character.

Kim has fitted the Ferrari 458 Italia with customized sporty rims, like in many of her other cars.

14. Range Rover All Black

Kim Kardashian Range Rover

Image Credit: Pinterest

The Range Rover is common to all celebrities and Kim Kardashian is no different.

The marquee brand from Jaguar Land Rover is synonymous with off-roading and the car has built decades of reputation around it.

Inside, it is luxury and style at a price that would make the rich and famous go for the car. The Kim Kardashian Range Rover is all black in color and stands out handsomely among its peers.

15. Range Rover All White

Kim Kardashian car collection

Image Credit: Zimbio

Not many celebrities own two versions of the same car. But Kim Kardashian is different.

She has an All White Range Rover that has been often used in photo shoots.

This one is fairly popular among celebrities. The specs of the car are same as its darker version.

Kayne sometimes takes the car for off-roading. Kim is not exactly known to be an adventurous person. But she goes around in it anyway.

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16. Maserati GranCabrio

Kim Kardashian cars

Image Credit: Autoevolution

This is one of the most exciting and attractive Kim Kardashian cars. It lives and breathes Italian charisma, performance, and style, with a nice dose of refined luxury.

The look of the car is unique and stands out wherever it goes. The Maserati GranCabrio is not all about performance but pleasure and riding comfort.

The car is a head turner and perfectly fits the celebrity lifestyle of Kim and her husband.

17. Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren

Kim Kardashian cars

Image Credit: gearheads

Well, you probably won’t expect the Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren to be among the Kim Kardashian cars, but she has one anyway.

The car is manufactured entirely out of carbon fiber, which lends lightness and sturdiness to the vehicle.

With seagull doors, the Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren looks unique and doesn’t resemble anything you usually get to see on roads. Kim loves the car though and is often spotted in it.

18. Cadillac Escalade

Kim Kardashian cars

Image Credit: YouTube

Kim and Khloe Kardashian rode a Cadillac Escalade to the grand opening of RYU restaurant in New York in April 2012.

The Escalade was the first full-sized luxury SUV manufactured by Cadillac. It’s one of the preferred cars of Kayne West and he loves to drive around in it.

The car is sturdy outside and breathes opulence and luxury inside. It’s all about an ultra-comfortable ride on a strong vehicle that celebrities love.

19. Pagani Huayra

Kim Kardashian cars

Image Credit: Jalopnik

Kim Kardashian likes exotic looking cars that complement her looks. The paparazzi spotted her trying out the mid-engine sports car manufactured in Italy.

The car is equipped with a V12 twin-turbo engine that has been manufactured by Mercedes Benz.

Pagani Huayra has been built with speed in mind and matches its name which means god of the winds in Quechuan language of ancient Inca Empire. The Pagani Huayra is more of a performance vehicle than luxury.

20. Porsche Panamera

Kim Kardashian Mercedes Benz

Image Credit: PopSugar

This one is a four-door sedan which stands out in Porsche’s compact fleet of cars.

The Panamera is hugely popular among celebrities and no wonder Kim Kardashian owned one. It’s available in the all-wheel and front wheel drive variants.

A bit on the side of a family vehicle, the Panamera offers comfortable seating inside. Kayne used to take particular interest in this car.

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21. Mercedes Benz S550

Kim Kardashian cars

Image Credit: Altervista

The Kim Kardashian cars collection has one more Mercedes and that’s the S550. But this one is mostly driven by her sister Kourtney.

The S550 is priced at around $125,000 and is fitted with a 360 degree camera system to help in parking. It’s more of a utility vehicle and less of style.

The Kardashians are huge fans of the German automaker and the numbers prove their passion.

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