18 Most Luxurious Car Brands In The World

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With most of the people, car buying is not just a usual purchase, it is an emotion, which gets attached to the car for years.

When someone is very much conscious about the details, one tend to go for an option from luxurious car brands across the globe.

These luxury car brands not only put their advanced engineering in evolving their models, they go an extra mile to offer the best by putting attention to even the slightest of details.

So, here we have listed such 18 most luxurious car brands that stand apart from the rest.

1. Lincoln

Luxurious Car Brands

Image Credit: Carprousa

The luxury division of Ford Motors, the Lincoln sits at the first position in our list of top luxury car brands across the globe.

With cars like Navigator, which is a full-size luxury SUV to MKZ, which is a midsize luxury sedan, Lincoln has been producing cars that are not only capable of offering ample comfort during the rides, they are also fused with powerful engine to offer you the punch that is required on a clean stretch.

2. Volkswagen Luxury

Luxurious Car Brands

Image Credit: Bufusion

Although the image of Volkswagen is of producing cars in mid-range budget, the German automaker do have some of the models that are infused with a lot of luxurious features to match the standards of top guns in the market.

Cars like Volkswagen CC and VW Touareg are some of the examples of this German automaker which reflects sheer luxury without compromising on the performance front.

3. Volvo

Image Credit: Volvocars

A brand known for producing some of the safest vehicles on the globe is also known for offering luxurious features in its lineup.

This Swedish automaker has not only amazed the world with its dynamic designing and technology of future but with also a perfect balance of safety and luxury.

Volvo’s XC90 and S90 are some of the examples that truly satisfies one luxurious needs in a car with appropriate safety and performance.

4. Land Rover

Luxurious Car Brands

Image Credit: Carlogos

When someone looks for a power packed performance wrapped in a lap of luxury, Land Rover is the brand which comes to the mind.

Yes, this British brand is at the fourth position in our list of top luxury car brands in the world with its extensive lineup. The brand also scores high on the reliability and performance grounds.

5. Acura

Luxurious Car Brands

Image Credit: Allcarbrandslist

The luxury division of Honda, this Japanese brand is known for producing out-of-the-box styling coupled to significant comfort in the cabin.

The models which have proved the brand’s mettle are Acura ILX and Acura MDX, that are praised across the globe due to their impressive performance, ambiance of the cabin and comfort.

Although, efficiency should not be a matter of concern when going with luxurious brands, Acura’s lineup performs decent on this aspect as well.

6. Infiniti

Expensive Car Brands

Image Credit: Vimeocdn

Next in our list of top luxury car brands in the world is Infiniti, which is the luxury wing of Nissan.

The lineup of Infiniti possess appropriate proportion of each parameter, which makes it one of the favorites of the consumers when it comes to picking their commuting companion from a luxurious brand.

Not only you tend to get advanced features, the models also have good score on performance and reliability scale.

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7. Cadillac

Expensive Car Brands

Image Credit: Cadillacfaq

Cadillac is among those few American brands that have gained popularity due to offering plush interior and world-class safety in their lineup.

In the North American market, the Cadillac Escalade and CTS, both sits at the leading position in their respective segments in terms of performance, comfort, features, luxury and practicality front.

It is not just the consumers who have praised the Cadillac models for their unmatched experience, even critics recommend Cadillac over other brands in various aspects.

8. Genesis

Expensive Car Brands

Image Credit: Listcarbrands

The brand from Korea, Genesis is the luxury division of Hyundai which came into existence a few years back and gained a significant market share.

With its deep lineup, the sub-brand of Hyundai is further working to expand its lineup to compete against the other leads of luxury segment.

Some of the marvelous offering from Genesis till date include G90 and G80 Sports.

9. Lexus

Expensive Car Brands

Image Credit: Lexus

Another brand from Japan in our list of luxury car brands is Lexus. What makes Lexus stand apart from its other Japanese counterparts is the sporty characters incorporated in its models in a perfect balance with luxury.

The models offers decent performance, advanced technology and good reliability. With a strong overall rating, Lexus holds a proficient position in the world of luxury cars.

10. BMW

Top Luxury Car Brands

Image Credit: Motorcyclebrands

The German automaker without which no list of luxury brands can get completed is at the 10th position in our list.

Yes, BMW is known for its strong values in terms of comfort and performance that has been portrayed by the company’s lineup since its inception.

You name a parameter and surely BMW will score good on that. The brand has maintained a perfect balance between performance, technology and luxury which has resulted in continuous rising sales figures in different markets for the company.

In short, if you are looking for a car which is above average in any aspect, BMW has an option for that.

11. Audi

Top Luxury Car Brands

Image Credit: Forzawiki

Another German automaker who is the closest rival of the just above listed brand is next in our list.

Audi, the name which is associated with power, performance, futuristic technology and luxury has impressed its proud owners all over these years.

The models of Audi are stylish, safe, powerful and strategically priced that caters to the requirements of a vast range of consumers.

12. Mercedes-Benz

Top Luxury Car Brands

Image Credit: Hdwallpaper

Yet another name from the Germany, the Mercedes-Benz also offers multiple options in its lineup with special focus on luxury and detail in each model.

Most of the cars of this manufacturer gets high rating from experts on various grounds that makes Merc one of the leading brands across the globe.

The epitome of luxury, the S-Class and its Maybach version both have amazed the petrol heads with its overall experience to a great extent.

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13. Jaguar

Top Luxury Car Brands

Image Credit: Carbrandnames

Jaguar finds a leading position in the list of most expensive car brands across the globe due to its precised lineup that is strategically designed to appeal selected audience.

The name Jaguar is synonymous to luxury, which is reflected from its models with just a glance. Be it the high-end full-sized sedan, XJ or premium SUV, the F-Pace, there is no compromise on the luxury front.

14. Porsche

Top Luxury Car Brands

Image Credit: Pngimg

You might be surprised to see Porsche in the list of top luxury car brands as it is known for producing sports cars that are all about adrenaline rush.

But, along with this, the brand also has a significant models that are specially designed after giving proper attention to detail.

The Panamera, and Cayenne are few names that are an example of sheer luxury and performance.

Although the options are restricted with Porsche, the ones that are in the market are really competitive in terms of overall comfort.

15. Maserati

Most Popular Luxury Cars

Image Credit: Wikipedia

One of the finest Italian automakers is at the 15th position in our list of most expensive car brands in the world.

Pick any model in the company’s lineup and you will not be disappointed on any of the parameters like luxury, performance, design and technology.

The models are exclusive and are specially designed for the ones that wish to stand out of the crowd.

16. Aston Martin

Most Popular Luxury Cars

Image Credit: Astonmartin

When it comes to leading luxury sports car manufacturer, there is no match of Aston Martin, which is a British automaker.

From Rapide S to Vantage, all the models in the company’s lineup ensure you of sheer power, better handling and comfort all together wrapped in luxury.

Operating since 1913, the Aston Martin has been a leading name in the world of luxury cars that are crafted for a selected market segment.

17. Bentley

Most Popular Luxury Cars

Image Credit: Youtube

The brand which needs no introduction, Bentley is at the 17th position in our list of most popular luxurious car brands.

This British automaker has always produced cars that raises the level of luxury to the next level.

Fine attention to details, hand-made craftsmanship and mind-boggling engine performance are some of the traits that well define the brand in an effective manner.

Continental GT, Flying Spur and Bentayga are some of the prominent models of the brand that have marked their dominance in their respective segment through their unmatched experience.

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18. Rolls-Royce

Most Popular Luxury Cars

Image Credit: Carlogos

The brand which introduced the world how one can move in the lap of luxury, it the last name in our list.

Yes, Rolls-Royce is the brand which has produced models with unmatched caliber on various aspects, especially luxury. Since its advent, the brand focused on offering detailed craftsmanship that attracted the attention of high-end segment of the market in an effective manner.

Started with manufacturing aero engines, the brand did a great transition and now it has become the top brand in the luxury segment.

So, these are the 18 most luxurious car brands in the market that are known for their out of the box models that offer an unforgettable experience to the occupants. Do tell us which one is your favorite in the comment section below.

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