Common Power Window Problems In Cars And Their Solutions

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Power windows, also known as electric windows, have replaced the manually operating windows in cars. You don’t have to twist the handle present on the car doors to open or shut windows anymore. The concept of power windows has made things very convenient for one and all.

These windows make the use of a simple technique enabling the window control using a button. Just click on this button, and you can easily operate the car windows.

The key components of the power window system include a power window regulator, a power window motor, the control switch to open and shut the windows, and a window frame. The entire system uses an electrical current to push the glass up and down inside the window frame.

As the mechanism of power windows is automatic, they are prone to troubles. Breaking down of the power window regulator or malfunction are two of the most common instances that call for repair.

These power window problems may arise because of failure of power connection, loose wires, broken wires, trouble with the motor or window regulator, and many others.

Here are some common problems that you may face with the power window system of your car over time:

1. Blown Fuse

It is the most common problem suffered by the power window system of a majority of vehicles. To find out if your power window system is not working because of a blown fuse, you can carry out a test.

Try to operate the windows of the car individually. Instead of using the main control buttons, you can use the individual control buttons present on the doors of the car. If none of the windows function after clicking on the button or if no sound is produced therein, know that the blown fuse is the reason for the failed operation.

In this situation, you may need the assistance of a skilled technician to diagnose the trouble and repair it.

2. Jammed Window Glass

Power Window Problems

Image Credit: Wcmanet

It is a situation when the window glass of your car gets frozen and doesn’t move even after making so many attempts.

A jammed window stops moving in one or both directions. The window glass may be blocked by some external material that needs to be inspected at once. The instances such as the accumulation of too much dust, the formation of ice caps on the window frames, etc., create this scenario.

The most immediate solution to this problem is to clean the entire power window system of your car. You don’t need a technician to perform this step. It can be done by you using a damp cloth and a window cleaner.

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3. Motor Malfunction

Motor malfunction is another common problem because of which the power window system of your car stops functioning. A burned-out motor can always create trouble with the power windows of your car. The solution to this problem is not a repair of the damages, but replacement of the motor on the whole.

You can either buy a new motor or get a second-hand motor from any dealer and fix the issue. We recommend you buy a new one to save yourself from any further trouble.

4. Broken Window Regulator

A broken power window regulator can also cause your power window system to jam. In the worst-case scenario, the window may fall inside the door. We advise you to seek help from a professional service or a local mechanic to fix this issue.

5. Faulty Power Window Switch

Power Window Problems

Image Credit: CarParts

If the switch on the side of the door is faulty, the power window will not function properly.

The switch keeps wearing every time you press it. Gradually, it stops functioning. Also, aggressively pressing the switch can lead to its failure altogether.
In this case, it would be better to take your car to a professional and get the switch repaired or replaced.

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6. Ice and Snow

Car owners living in a region that receives a lot of snow often complain of problems with power windows. It is because, in icy and snowy conditions, the glass sticks to the frames. The power accumulated by regulators fails to force the frame and window away from each other.

First and foremost, do not try to push the button to roll down the window as it can damage the motor and slap an expensive repair on your face. In most cases, the windows become operational once the ice melts.

7. Problems with Wiring

Power Window Problems

Image Credit: HowaCarWorks

If you could see behind the door, only then would you realize that a huge plexus of wires enables the smooth operation of power windows. These wires connect the motor to the switch. Any problem with the wiring can cause a hindrance to the smooth functioning of the power window.

It might not be a wise idea to indulge in DIY here, as it might lead to other issues. Your trusted mechanic will fix this problem.

8. Stress

It is not just you who deals with stress; power windows aren’t immune to stress either.

If the window glass is thicker than it should be, it could put unnecessary stress on the window motors. Even adding a window tint or rolling the window down or up when your car is frosted can make the motor work harder and impact other components as well.

Refrain from adding stress to your window motor to increase its shelf life.

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A majority of car owners face common issues with their cars. The power window system is a common concern. While some of these power window problems are easy to handle and can be fixed without any technical help, others call for professional assistance.

Look for the best car mechanic/professional service near you if the problem is more serious.