How To Skyrocket Your Brand Awareness and Sell More Cars

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Sell More Cars

Digital marketing for car dealers used to be an option, but it isn’t any longer. It’s now the foundation of any solid marketing strategy for selling cars.

Car buyers now spend nearly 60% of their time researching vehicles online. Whether they are hunting for a particular brand or want to compare features, it’s your time to shine through digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Techniques to Sell More Cars

Let’s take a look at how to generate more car sales through digital advertising techniques. With our simple tips, you will find the avenue that leads to more revenue.

1. Video Marketing

Whether you are looking to capitalize on YouTube or Facebook success, you will find that video content always works better. As consumers, we view more than one billion hours of videos on YouTube each day. That is more than Facebook video and Netflix combined.

This only proves that video advertising is the platform for success.

Some of the popular videos on YouTube include test drives. It’s a simple way to showcase your vehicles while answering the questions your customers have.

Many dealerships have shied away from posting test drive videos because they thought it decreased foot traffic, but that mindset does backfire.

If you don’t provide the video, someone else will. Then, that customer will choose them over you to make the sale. You can’t afford to fall behind when it comes to automotive digital marketing.

Brands dominate the digital marketing space. Your ads must be unique and engaging if you want to stand out. You can re-purpose television ads that you have run or reach new clients with a series promoting your inventory.

Above all, answer your customers’ questions. Show them the available features, colors, and variations of the available models. Make it easy for them to make a decision and they will be sure to visit you soon.

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2. Display Advertising

While video advertising should be your main focus, you don’t want to let display ads go by the wayside. These ads are your online billboards and help remind people that you are still there. You can implement them as static ads, YouTube ads, Gmail ads and so much more.

Keep your content fresh with cinemagraphic ads, which stand out from the other static advertisements.

What’s most important is how you serve them. The best digital marketing strategy is to evaluate what works and what doesn’t on a regular basis. You want to ensure that your ad spending is used wisely.

With the correct tracking parameters, monitoring your ROI isn’t complicated. By maximizing your ad dollars, you increase brand awareness at alarming rates. Just make sure you reach the target audience to see the effects.

This is also the time to consider remarketing techniques. Car shoppers are going to visit multiple sites. As they shop for a new vehicle and check out the deals, you will want to get their attention back from the competition. Remarketing helps you to serve ads that relate to your past traffic.

Help them choose your brand over the others with some simple strategies.

3. Don’t Neglect Your Campaigns

It’s easy to leave your ads unattended after they are set up, but this is a terrible strategy. The industry is continually changing, with new models coming out daily. You must monitor your campaigns often to ensure you are keeping up with the shifts and trends.

To be able to move with the ebb and flow, you need to understand what your customers are looking for. If you can’t handle your digital marketing on your own, it’s time to invest in an automotive marketing agency.

After all, it is a full-time job to keep up with what’s happening in the vehicle industry. You better believe that the dealership down the street knows how to appeal to your customers if you can’t keep up.

It’s time to become competitive, which happens from providing fresh and engaging content regularly. Make your plan and stick to it, but don’t be afraid to make changes along the way. It’s always a good time to try something new and see how it affects your bottom line.

As you make these adjustments, watch your engagement to see what increases your brand’s awareness. Then, focus on that and watch your sales skyrocket.

4. With the Right Tools, You Sell More Cars

You know that the consumer isn’t showing up at your dealership to learn about the car anymore. It’s just not going to happen. You can’t bank on foot traffic any longer.

Sell More Cars

The majority of their time is now spent looking for vehicles online. They will make all the critical decisions before they ever come to visit you. They can also do a VIN check of any used vehicle for free.

As you look to achieve your brand’s goals, you need to keep this in mind. Start by looking for the appropriate digital channels to find your audience. Implement ads that stand out and you are on the right path from the start.

Along with the attention given to your customers, you need to give your team members the tools they need to succeed. If they can’t help you stay ahead of the automotive trends, you won’t stand a chance, no matter what kind of advertising you do.

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5. Digital Marketing Strategy for Selling Cars

It’s difficult for dealerships of any size to handle all of their digital marketing needs. Between the ever-changing climate and the constant employee turnover, you have a lot of factors working against you.

Automotive Marketing Agency

If you don’t partner with a digital marketing agency, you are already a step behind your competition. Give your customers the digital experience they crave by working with a professional.

Sure, it will cost some money upfront, but it will be well worth the investment. If you want to perform as a top-level dealership, you have to do what the big dogs do. Gain access to the resources you need and watch your ROI increase.

As more cars leave your dealership with happy customers, you will instantly feel the gratification of all the hard work. Promote brand awareness and the car sales naturally flow in, until you are operating at the level you desire.

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