SUV’s vs. Minivan’s : Which One Is Better For Your Family

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SUV Vs Minivan

When it comes to choosing the right vehicle for your family, you will surely find yourself confused between an SUV and a minivan. Both cars have a multitude of benefits, but choosing one can be taxing as there are multiple parameters that set both vehicles apart.

Instead of arguing on SUV Vs minivan, it’s good to find out how both vehicles are different and which one is best for you.

In this article, we have highlighted the significant differences between a minivan and an SUV so that you can select the right option quickly.

SUV Vs Minivan: A Detailed Comparison

Well, there are a lot of apparent differences between SUVs and minivans like dimensions of the vehicle, price point, and so on. But in this comparison article, we have compared the two cars on how they perform and the type of comfort you’ll get with them.

1. Power and Performance

SUV vs. Minivan Performance

Image Credit: WardsAuto

Most of the SUVs are clear winners when it comes to performance due to the power-packed motors. On the other hand, minivans have smaller engines as these vehicles are ideal for touring and similar tasks.

If you are looking for a vehicle that can easily tow your kayak carrier or some other stuff, then an SUV should be your choice. However, some minivans also offer decent performance on the road, but SUVs are better and more powerful.

Generally, many SUVs come with turbocharged V6 or V8 motors that are powerful enough to reward you with unrivaled performance on the road.

In terms of SUV Vs minivan performance, SUVs are a better and considerable option.

2. The Drive Quality

The drive quality depends on a plethora of factors like the engine, transmission, and whether you are going for a used or a new vehicle.

Also, the drive quality depends on person to person like some love a powerful vehicle while others adore a car that runs smoothly. SUVs and minivans both can offer ultimate drive quality depending on the choice of vehicle.

In a nutshell, SUVs are perfect if you admire robust drive quality. On the other hand, minivans are excellent for a smooth ride touring with your family or friends.

3. Interior Comfort

SUV vs. Minivan Interior Comfort

Image Credit: Dodge

No matter if you are planning to cover hundreds of miles or you are just looking for a quick day trip, comfort is indispensable to have a great journey.

SUVs and minivans both have a different interior comfort level. Vans come with an extra seat at the back which can comfortably accommodate kids and elderly so that space won’t be an issue in a minivan.

When it comes to SUVs, then these are comfortable for fewer people. If you have a big family or you love to travel with your friends, then a minivan should be your choice.

4. Cargo Space

SUV vs. Minivan Cargo Space

Image Credit: Cape Girardeau Honda

Need more cargo space? A minivan will be the only option to choose! In the SUV Vs minivan debate, minivans are always on top when compared on the availability of cargo space.

Even the biggest of SUV models you won’t find such space, which you will get with a minivan. If you want to carry more luggages, then minivans are best for the job.

However, every minivan has different cargo space, so make your choice accordingly based on the brand and models of the vehicle.

So in SUV Vs minivan cargo space comparison, minivan wins the league.

If you are short on cargo space, then you can try these rooftop cargo carriers for your car.

5. Aesthetics

SUV vs minivan

Image Credit: Truck Trend

Modern SUVs come attached with an image of powerful, muscular, and trendy vehicles, and that’s the reason why folks out there go for SUVs over minivans.

However, there are some minivans as well that look appealing and have excellent aesthetics. Both vehicles are good in their own way, but people are more inclined towards SUVs due to their eye-catchy designs and masculine looks.

6. Ideal for Off-Road

SUV vs minivan

Image Credit: Road & Track

Just listening to the word off-road brings in a picture of an SUV crossing through puddles and other obstacles, seamlessly. Yes, SUVs are better in off-roading due to the powerful motor, more ground clearance and giant wheels. Furthermore, SUVs have a 4WD system that is far better than the rear-wheel-drive available in minivans.

In short, SUVs are superior for off-roading, and you won’t get stuck anywhere provided that you have a powerful SUV from a renowned brand.

7. Maintenance Cost

Maintenance costs, including insurance and other charges, come inevitably when you purchase a vehicle. Whether a minivan or an SUV, you have to fulfill these expenses in order to run the car on the roads.

Minivans are a better choice because they are generally cheaper than SUVs so you can save more money on insurance and other costs. Also, getting a 4WD SUV repaired will come with a massive bill.

If you don’t want to spend more on maintenance and additional expenses, then going with a minivan will be an excellent decision.

8. Safety

SUV vs minivan

Image Credit: Car and Driver

Safety is another essential factor that keeps the SUV Vs minivan debate heated. Some say that SUVs are safer as they are bigger, and have better ground clearance. While some think minivans are safer.

Well, both the vehicles are safe as modern cars and trucks come equipped with a plethora of safety features. While driving an SUV, you will feel the rollover, as the center of gravity is higher as compared to minivans.

There is less or no rollover in minivans as these are built on car chassis with a lower center of gravity. If you are going for an SUV, make sure to choose crossovers or compact SUVs, so you get better maneuverability.

You can even choose minivans for their safety and smooth ride.

9. Fuel Efficiency

SUV vs minivan

Image Credit: YouTube

When talking about the fuel efficiency then the hot debate of SUV Vs minivan ends with a tie. For years minivans ruled the industry for their better MPG (miles per gallon), but some recent hybrid and crossover SUV launches also offer the same efficiency.

The robust hybrid, diesel, and fully-electric SUVs now run in competition with minivans, offering excellent fuel efficiency.


Q1: Can I tow a Car with a Minivan?

Yes, you can tow a car with a minivan, but it depends on several parameters like how heavy is the car and do you have a towing hinge attached to the minivan. Some highly-selling models like Toyota Sienna and Nissan Quest can easily tow small cars.

Q2: What Accessories can I Use for Touring?

There are multiple accessories available for touring, including a rooftop cargo carrier, backseat organizer, car tire inflator, boot organizer, and much more.

With these accessories, you can make your trip smoother and free from any obstacles.

Q3: SUV Vs Minivan in Bad Weather, Which is Better to Drive?

Bad weather means wet, muddy, and damaged roads, so SUVs are better to drive. Also, there can be some instances where you need more power, and you can activate the 4WD in your SUV to get over all obstacles with ease.

Final Thoughts

This detailed comparison is enough to end the SUV Vs minivan debate as you can quickly find which vehicle is right for you.

Minivans are suitable for people who want to travel with their family and luggage. Also, these have lesser maintenance costs and are easy on the pocket.

On the other hand, SUVs are perfect for travel junkies. If you need more power as you paddle and a robust looking vehicle with the all-wheel-drive, then an SUV should be your choice.

Both vehicles are fun to drive and are better in their own ways.

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