Toyota GR Super Sports Concept Revealed

Despite Toyota is known for producing mass-market cars, the passion for producing supercars with exceptional performance figures is still intact. We have seen some of the exceptional creations like Toyota 86 and Toyota Supra in the past and now the brand is eyeing on its next hypercar. Yes, the Japanese automaker has finally revealed the Toyota GR Super Sports, which is based on WEC-racer.

Toyota GR Super Sports

Image Credit: Caradvice

The GR Super Sports Concept is powered by a 2.4-litre twin-turbo V6 engine which is further backed with an electric motor to deliver a maximum power output of 735 kW. The powertrain of the GR Super Sport is same which is used in the Toyota Gazoo Racing’s WEC entrant, the TS050 Hybrid. With GR Super Sports Concept, the manufacturer has given us the idea of how the next generation high powered vehicles will look like.

Toyota GR Super Sports

Image Credit: Caradvice

The Super Sports Concept has nothing do with the upcoming Supra, which is now being manufactured in collaboration with BMW. According to the Gazoo Racing president, evolving cars by taking inspiration from racing cars is much fun over taking inspiration from any other vehicle. It gives the people a sense of thrill of driving cars with unmatched potential. The company is not looking to evolve public cars to sports cars rather it is working on putting in-depth knowledge to produce cars that are exceptional in their respective segments.

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At the moment, the manufacturer has revealed online images of the concept and if we have to believe Toyota, it is working hard to showcase the concept at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show. Definitely, Toyota is eyeing on the Project One of Mercedes-Benz and if GR Super Sport gets into the production phase, it will mark the starting of the new rivalry between the Japanese and European brands.

Let’s see how the upcoming concept will perform on road while keeping the efficiency in consideration.

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