15 Essential Tips To Consider For Winter Car Storage

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Fall is a season of concern for multiple reasons. Especially for the petrol heads as their cars become vulnerable to hazardous effects of the season.

Whether you own a luxury/sports car or an economical family car, storing it properly in the winter season is very important to ensure the smooth functioning of your vehicle.

But, there are many people out there who are not aware of the proper techniques of winter car storage and for them, we have prepared a list of essential tips to consider for car storage for winter.

1. Storage Location

Winter Car Storage

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The first thing to consider for storing your car in the winter season is selecting the right location. If you are storing your car in the home garage then make sure that it is free from any sort of leaks and damages.

The car should be standing on a concrete floor that is free from moisture. The gate of the garage should be strong enough to withstand the strong winds and other abuses of weather.

If you don’t have a proper garage and looking for how to store a car outside for winter then search for a location that can comply to the mentioned factors to protect the car.

2. Check Engine Oil

Winter Car Storage

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The next step involved in winter car storage is checking the engine oil of the car. In harsh temperatures, the engine oil gets affected very easily.

It is important that you check the dipstick of the engine oil. If it is already dirty and has reached the level of replacement, it is recommended that you put the fresh engine oil and then take your car for storing.

The important thing about the engine oil is the kilometers used.

3. Washing And Cleaning

Car Storage for Winter

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It is important that before you take your car for winter storage, you complete the washing and cleaning in an efficient manner. If any contaminants are left on the surface during the storage period then it can cause harm to the car.

So, it is crucial that you pay attention to it.

4. Refill The Fluids

Car Storage for Winter

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Your car will remain idle for a particular time period and when you will start it again, it is necessary that all the important fluids are up to the mark to deliver the desired performance.

After washing your car, take the car for one last ride, go to the fuel station, and get a fuel stabilizer.

Let the car engine run idle for few minutes and check the other fluids as well; especially the antifreeze.

5. Check The Tyres

Car Storage for Winter

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Along with filling the car with fuel and other necessary fluids, refill the car tyres to the recommended PSI rating. This will prevent in developing flat spots on the tyres.

Also, make sure that you don’t put your car on stands where the suspension has no work to do and it is in the idle position.

This will leave suspension hard and stiff, leading to undesired performance and even breakdown. Make sure that the car is parked on a level surface.

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6. Ensure Proper Ventilation

Do not pack the car in an airtight position. Allow a little ventilation through the car’s glass. Proper air circulation will prevent building moisture in the cabin and will keep the interiors intact.

7. Check Battery

How to store a Car Battery for Winter

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Your battery will be idle for a particular time period and you might wonder how to store a car battery for winter.

So, it is recommended that you take the battery out of the car and place it on a level surface.

Connect it to the battery maintainer/tender and not a charger.

In some new cars you might not be able to remove the battery and in such situation, you may leave the battery with hood ajar being running the cables into the engine.

8. Prevention From Pest

Rodents are some of the major enemies of your idle standing car.

They find ways to enter your car and make it their temporary home till you are not using it. In order to prevent rodents entering your car, make sure to place a ball of steel wool in the exhaust pipe, pack the trunk and other expected entries with hard material that rodents may not be able to penetrate.

9. Cover

Classic Car Winter Storage

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Make sure to use a high-quality cover that can withstand the harsh weather conditions. To ensure moisture barrier, make sure to put a plastic sheet and then make your car stand on it. If your car parking area has all the insulation, then there is no need of such covering.

10. Consider Drop Insurance

There are a number of people in the market who tend to pause the portion of the insurance policy during the storage time, which covers the damaged part of the vehicle.

But, it is not a wise step and one must take a policy that covers different natural calamities.

Such insurance policies are important for people who look ways for classic cars winter storage.

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11. Not Starting It Regularly

Winter car storage does not mean that you don’t have to even start it. But, only starting it letting it idle at that place is also not the right step.

It will create condensation in various systems that will be harmful to the car’s health. So, if you find a good day then take your car out for a long drive so that it gets warmed up.

12. Clean Your Car’s Interior

Classic Car Winter Storage

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Before you pack your car for the winter, make sure that you properly clean the interiors of the car, leaving no such material that can cause harm.

Any food items should be checked properly because if left, they will not only invite rodents towards the car, they will also create a foul smell that will be unbearable after a couple of months.

13. If Possible Use Car Lift

Classic Car Winter Storage

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Car garage lift is one of the effective ways of storing your car in winters.

It will not make room for your everyday use vehicles, you don’t have to keep an additional layer of coverings for protecting your car.

After following all the preventive measures required for winter car storage, simply lift the car off the ground.

14. Put Additional Tools And Accessories In The Car’s Trunk

Along with storing your car for winter, you can also store the additional items like tools and accessories of the car in the trunk.

It will not only create more space in your garage, it will also ensure that tools and accessories are also unaffected during the time they are not required.

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15. Polish and Wax

Winter Car Storage

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To keep the car’s paint intact some of the experts suggest that one should get a waxing and coating job done for car’s paint.

In case there is a room left for moisture or water while storing the car for winters, a proper layer of wax will protect the car’s paint from losing its shine.

So, these are some of the important tips for winter car storage for amateurs and even some experts. Do let us know if we have missed anything on our list in the comment section below.

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