10 Easy Steps For Cleaning Car Engine

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A car is not only a mode of transportation; it is passion! It’s an asset that everyone loves to have.

Thus a small amount of dirt or scratch can damage the whole look of the car, and no one wants it.

However, most of the people don’t understand the importance of cleaning car engine, because it’s under the bonnet and it doesn’t enhance the stardom.

But in reality, it is essential to understand the difference between external and internal beauty.

A car can only run smoothly and efficiently when its engine is clean and able to produce the required amount of power, drag, pull or push.

So, let’s look into this fact and know the steps to clean a car engine at home like a pro.

Benefits of Cleaning Car Engine

Benefits of Cleaning Car Engine

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Wandering how to clean a car engine! Well, you have to wait a bit more because before moving to that part, you must know its benefits.

1. Clean car engine runs smooth

According to the mechanics, a clean engine runs much smooth as compared to a soiled engine. This is because the dirt, grease, and oil lead to the formation of gunk in the engine that traps the heat and ultimately reduces the power output. In case of a clean car engine, problems like this don’t arise, and thus it can produce the required amount of power to let the vehicle talk with the wind.

2. Resale Value Increases

The purpose of professional engine cleaning has both practical as well as the aesthetic importance of the car. Talking about aesthetic, clean engine will make your car look shiny and beautiful and will thus bring back the new look of the car. There is no doubt when you keep your vehicle clean aesthetically it will help to draw attention from the customer, and you can demand a higher price for the well-maintained car.

3. Working Life Get Extended

If you have a car engine that is filled with dirt, oil, and grease that engine will not last long. Moreover, the residue gets stuck with the engine and reduces its ability to produce the desired amount of torque. So cleaning car engine at regular intervals is advised as the unwanted substance will not only wear away the engine but also reduce its efficiency.

4. Vehicle Safety alleviates

When buying a car of your choice, security is one of the critical factors that the potential buyer looks for. Car engine cleaning service will help to scrub out the harmful material from the engine and thus it will reduce the chances of engine malfunction.

So, these are some of the benefits of cleaning a car engine. Now let’s move on to the next part and know the steps for washing your car engine like a pro.

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Essential Tools for Cleaning Car Engine

Before knowing how to clean car engine, it is vital to know the tools that you must have for car engine cleaning. Below is the list of necessary instruments:

• Degreasing product (solvent as well as water-based)
• Air compressor
• Nylon brush
• Drip Pans
• Knee pads
• Wire brush
• Plastic bags

These are the tools that you need to have before starting the cleaning process.

Steps to clean your car engine

Moving to the next section, let’s know how to wash car engine safely in your garage with a professional touch.

Step 1 – Protect the electrical wiring and other components

Protect Electrical Wiring

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When you are starting the cleaning of your car engine, first make sure that all your electrical wiring gets covered. You can use a plastic bag or a foil of aluminum to cover it. However, if there is dirt on the wire, you can clean it by hand only after removing the majority of water from the engine. In order to secure your plastic to stick at a position, you can make use of painters tape.

Step 2 – Place the drip pan under the flush pipe

Placing Drip Pan

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Debris from a car engine is harmful, and as a responsible citizen, you must ensure that any hazardous material doesn’t get mixed with the environment. To make sure that the dust particles do not get spread you should use a drip pan. However, if you know how to clean car engine without water, then placing drip pan is not necessary.

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Step 3 – Brushing of debris and dirt

Brushing of Dirt

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Before using a cleaner, you must brush away the dust or debris that are present in the exposed engine. Professional car engine cleaning service uses the wire brush because they break the large debris easily and cleans the engine better. So, you too can make use of wire brush or scrub to perform the following task at your garage.

Step 4 – Use brake cleaner to clean grime

Brake Cleaner to Clean Grime

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There are many hinges in a car engine, and grim start to get thick at those places. Cleaning car engine would be better if you can clear those parts. Insert the nozzle of your brake cleaner into the areas where the grim is thick and direct the air to clean the dirt.

Step 5 – Apply the engine cleaner

Applying Engine Cleaner

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After the completion of the brushing, the degreaser must be sprayed to the exposed part of engines. While doing this, you must pay attention to the part of the engine that is covered with plastic. You must make sure that you avoid those areas because if water pulls into the cover, it might harm the motor. Once your engine is sprayed, it must be left for 10 minutes for soaking.

Step 6 – Remove the leftover dirt

Remove Leftover Dirt

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After the degreaser gets soaked, thoroughly use a nylon brush to scrub the engine. You must rub away the dirt minutely, and it will take some time, so it is recommended to be patient.

Step 7 – Rinsing the engine

Rinsing Engine

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It’s time to rinse your car engine. In case you do not have a car hose you can make use of your garden hose but in that case, place your thumb on half of the opening which will enable you to increase the pressure. Thus the dirt and grease will be removed easily, and you will have a professional engine cleaning experience.

Step 8 – Let your car engine dry

Drying Car Engine

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After you finish off with rinsing, take a towel and dab the pools of water that are formed of the plastic or maybe on aluminum foil which is used to cover the engine wearing. After dabbing process is done, you can use an air blower to dry your engine. If you want to avoid this, then know how to clean car engine without water; it would help you to wash your car without water.

Step 9 – Removal of the covers from electric wiring

Removing Covers from Electrical Wires

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You should remove the plastic or the aluminum foil only when your engine gets dried, so make sure there is no water over the plastic covering. After this, you must throw the bags into the dustbin and verify that the water is disposed to the drip.

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Step 10 – Check the engine

Checking the Engine

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Before you check your engine, make sure that all the electrical wires are connected correctly, and there is no water on them. However, it is not possible to dry out the water completely. It is not necessary that engine must be dried thoroughly before starting it but make sure to remove the plastic or the aluminum foil covering from the wires.

These are the essential steps that will undoubtedly help you to understand the importance and techniques for cleaning car engine. These will not only help you to keep your car in good condition for an extended period but also save your money too. Besides these, if you have anything interesting to add, comment below and feel free to share your views.

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