25 Best Custom Auto Shops in America (2023)

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For some people, cars are not just a mode of transportation but a medium to express their sentiments.

Some like to keep it simple with basic decals or maybe a spoiler while others make their on-road statement by outright “pimping their rides”.

Some of the best custom auto shops in America will happily take your stock vehicle and turn it into an artistic masterpiece with their craftsmanship.

Most of these car modification shops are run by families who have had multiple generations in the same business (and art form) for decades.

Apart from modifying the exterior of the car with creative wheels, body kits, and suspensions, your dull factory-made interiors can also be refashioned explicitly with blasting audio systems, seat covers, and even chandeliers or fish aquariums!

Performance modification and re-tuning of the vehicle are also popular who want more than the external beauty in their car.

Celebrities are definitely an influence on such modified car enthusiasts and movies like Fast and Furious have exponentially increased the popularity of such vehicles.

So if you want to rise above the masses and blast your street statement that separates you from the mainstream, here’s a list of the best custom car modification shops to check out.

Custom Auto Shops in America


Custom Auto Shops

Image Credit: Wix

Their website defines them as, “Atlanta’s Car Stereo & Auto Accessories Leader”. Well, they got the leader part right, but they are a leader in more than just car stereo and auto accessories!

With an experience of 20 years in the industry, owners Terry Dobbs and Jim Florek have built a reputation for actually turning boring stock cars into “monster” cars, justifying their name.

Their USP is the transparency with their work, as customers can simply walk into their shop and watch them work.


Custom Auto Shops

Image Credit: Autoblog

Your best bet to create a show-stopper out of your stock car is to get it “Galpinized”!

That’s what the vehicles designed by Galpin Auto Sports are apparently called. Its garage would be familiar to the viewer’s of MTV’s popular show “Pimp my ride”, which was where the show’s 5th and 6th seasons were filmed.

This custom auto shop’s version of the 2008 Ford Mustang, christened as the GT500KR was the star of the television show Knight Rider. Galpin motors turnover is in the excess of $700 million and is the number 1 dealership of Ford in terms of sales in California.


Custom Auto Shops

Image Credit: Beyondhe

Dave Kindig has gained a notorious reputation from Velocity’s famous show “Bitchin’ Rides” a.k.a. “Kindig-It Customs” in regions where Discovery’s DMAX is aired.

Highly versatile in choosing his “canvas” to craft out a masterpiece, which can span all types and periods of cars, it is a one-stop car modification shop.

Dave is hands-on involved in all phases of the transformation, from conceptualizing and drawing the design to welding and fitting the parts together, and is assisted by his wife Charity and daughter Bailey.

4. 813 CUSTOMS

Custom Auto Shops

Image Credit: Athlonoutdoors

Joe Barravecchio’s story of building 813 customs from scratch is phenomenal and inspiring at best!

He absolutely turned his passion into profit by simply doing what he loved to do; modify cars into masterpieces.

His big breakthrough came with the outrageously built Bondi Beach ’73 convertible showcased at Spring Break National.

It gained popularity on the internet and was eventually sold to an NFL player at a premium, making it a renowned custom car shop in Florida.


Custom Auto Shops

Image Credit: Krazyhouse

This custom auto shop is located in South Brunswick, NJ and yes, it is ‘Krazy’ for sure. Specializing in American muscle cars and trucks, they will custom tune your vehicle into a high-performing street demon.

A demon that looks dashing as well, of course. Besides the domestic muscle cars, they are not so bad at European luxury and sports cars too.

Their roots are from off-road performance vehicles and have designed and engineered multiple products for the automotive market.


Custom Car Shops

Image Credit: Complex

Godfather customs has gained mainstream popularity in the past 33 years of its operation.

Thanks to its modified trucks being featured heavily on World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Remember Eddie Guerrero’s entrance, especially at Wrestlemania XX when he entered the arena with a Cadillac truck?

It was built by Godfather Custom car builders specifically for the show. If you are in Georgia, this is the place to go, simply because they’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse!

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Custom Car Shops

Image Credit: Ultimateauto

This Orlando based custom auto body shop is definitely ultimate in its reputation too and not just its name.

Started two decades ago as Ultimate Audio, it has expanded its services to all kinds of wicked customization’s and even sells such premium one-of-a-kind modified vehicles.

With a passionate team and a sprawling 50,000 sqft facility, it is one of the better places to turn your automotive dreams into reality.


Image Credit: Wheelsage

Bow Tie South, better known as BTS Customs is fairly active on social media and is quite popular. Their mechanical and artistic prowess doesn’t need to be stated explicitly.

It is fairly evident from their client list that boasts of names like Shaquille รณ Neil and Flo-rida!


Custom Car Shops

Image Credit: Twig

They are bad at spelling (xclusv ?) but extremely good at doing what they do as a business. If your vehicle has got that ‘XA stamp’ on its body, it will turn heads on every street that it rides.

Whether you need an aerokit for your GTI, a custom car kit for your Corvette, a charger for your M3 or some fiery wheels for your 911, this is the place to go.

XA has been trusted by celebrities like 50 Cent and Cam’ron too; whose music videos have featured their modified rides.

10. 713 MOTORING

Custom Car Shops

Image Credit: Ridesmagazine

713 Motoring are the self-proclaimed “architects of an automotive lifestyle”, and they are not wrong!

Their services have been endorsed by a long list of celebrities and athletes like J.R. Smith, Vince Young, Mario Williams, and so on.

Be it a domestic muscle car or a European supercar or anything in-between, 713 Motoring has got something for you and they’ll go an extra mile to turn your plain Jane into a ravishing beauty.


Custom Car Builders

Image Credit: MotorAuthority

Do we even need to tell you about this custom auto-body shop? Co-founders Ryan Friedlinghaus and Quinton Dodson were frequenters on the popular shows “Pimp my Ride” and “Street Customs” before they got their own TV show Inside West Coast Customs in 2011.

Show’s name later changed to “West Coast Customs”, and has finished airing its seventh season in April 2017.

It’s known for turning almost scrap vehicles into extreme machines and a celebrity roaster of the likes of Shaquille o’Neil and Justin Beiber has catapulted its reputation as one of the most notorious custom car shops ever.

Apart from celebrities, they have created some monstrosities for global brands such as Virgin, Nintendo, and Microsoft too.


Custom Car Builders

Image Credit: Yelp

Located at 2450 South LaCienega Boulevard in Los Angeles since 1932, this is one of the oldest custom shops around the globe, and definitely the oldest in our compilation.

A trusted name in their field, their honest and simply amazing services have kept customers flowing in since decades.

Globe Tire offers services in Glendale, Beverly Hills, and other surrounding areas too besides Los Angeles.

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Custom Car Builders

Image Credit: Youtube

AutoFashion truly lives by its motto of “You Dream it, We Do it”. They boast of a 5400 sq. ft. facility in San Diego, CA, half of which is their showroom.

They are known for their VIP style tuning, especially on Japanese luxury brands.

Although their superb showroom has an upscale and expensive vibe, their exceptionally professional services would not make much of a dent in your pocket.

They also conduct the famous AF VIPFest, whose 11th edition is scheduled for 5th November 2017.


Custom Car Builders

Image Credit: Yelp

If your desire is to create a masterpiece, that is an extension of your individuality, Rayco is there for you.

They have brought unsurpassed quality, prestige, and identity to the custom car builder industry in 2 decades of their operations.

Owned by Sean, who has an overall experience of 28 years, and his partner Ersh, who specializes in car audio, video, and SUV customization, Rayco has grown leaps and bounds with its professional services.


Custom Car Builders

Image Credit: Pinterest

This entry on our list is way beyond your everyday wheel rim customization or tinted glasses. Dreamworks can literally turn any car into an unimaginable dream version and you’ll feel the respect and sheer awe in the eyes of those who look at it.

Don’t trust our word? You can trust Michael Jordan’s or Jeff Gordon’s words, who have been customers of Dreamworks besides over a 100 other celebrities like Chris Paul, Justin Gatlin, and Larry Fitzgerald. Impressive!


Custom Auto Body Shop

Image Credit: Progressiveautosports

Getting your ride modified in creative ways is thrilling and satisfying but there is always a risk of something or the other going wrong too and that might be devastating.

After all, we are sentimental about our rides! That’s why it’s important to select a professional service, just like Progressive Autosports.

So, handover your Mercedes, BMW, Ferrari, or Lamborghini in the safe hands of these guys in Los Angeles and rest assured that whatever you want will be done with panache and utmost care.


Custom Auto Body Shop

Image Credit: Ridesmagazine

This custom auto shop is your go to place if you are located in Keyport NJ. It has a state-of-the-art 8500 sq ft facility, which houses a wood shop, metal shop with welding and fabrication facility, upholstery section, and a custom spray booth apart from the showroom area.

Although they have large-scale projects in their hands almost all the time, Lux Motorwerks doesn’t mind doing those small jobs that you want for your car.


Custom Auto Body Shop

Image Credit: Autospies

When BLVD Customs say that they’ll create a masterpiece for you, they mean it. Based out of St. Petersburg, FL, they are the go to custom auto shop for several pro-athletes, entertainment icons, and business leaders.

Their client list includes names like Tiger Woods, Michael Clayton, Tom DuPont, and Hulk Hogan too.

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Custom Auto Body Shop

Image Credit: Actiontire

Recognized as one of the top ten custom auto shops in North America by DuPont registry, Custom Lifestyles by Action Tire is a go to destination for many custom car enthusiasts, including a bunch of celebrities from both entertainment and sports industry. Besides modifying your ride, you can even try one of their exotic cars which they offer as rentals.

20. CEC

Custom Auto Body Shop

Image Credit: CECWHEELS

The versatility of CEC can be gauged from the fact that they offer services ranging from a simple replacement of your foot pedal to buying a completely modified vehicle right straightaway from their storefront!

With its presence in Los Angeles and Miami, they are one of the hottest custom auto shops in the US and for decades have produced magnificent marvels from their fine craftsmanship and solid integrity.

You can also purchase great tuning products at a heavy discount from their eBay store.


Car Modification Shop

Image Credit: Platinummotorsport

They are named after the most precious metal in the world, Platinum, for apparently a solid reason. The “PML experience” provides you with the highest quality restyling and upgrading that your vehicle can receive.

They are the winners of MTV’s “Trick it out” season one and they are duly recognized as one of the best in the automotive world.


Car Modification Shop

Image Credit: Azstreetcustom

AZ Street Custom strikes a fine balance between a modern day facility and old-fashioned ethics.

This family run custom car shop will calmly and deeply understand your creative desires and convert that into reality with high-attention to detail and competitive pricing. Worth a try!


Car Modification Shop

Image Credit: Camerasource

Only few players in the custom car business boast of a range of vehicles they deal in, which compares to that of Auto Design NYC.

Right from high-end luxury brand like Mercedes, BMX, Rolls Royce, Bentley, or Ferrari to armored vehicles for executive protection, they have the perfect set of skills and proven experience of work.

Whether your vision is that of a striking head turner buzzing down the road or that of a security enhanced ride with mobile office communication, you are in luck.


Car Modification Shop

Image Credit: Twimg

Even if you don’t have a car that you want to get modified and there are no plans to purchase a vehicle in near as well as distant future, it is still a good idea to visit Pro Comp Custom’s Pittsburgh garage and watch Bruce Harvey work.

Just for the sheer fun of it! Bruce doesn’t believe in car kits and gets his hands dirty with cold-rolled steel only. In case you do need to get your hands on a modified beast, look no further!

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Car Modification Shop

Image Credit: Rickdore

Well-known in the custom auto shops circle and frequently featured in several news and media pieces such as the Rusted Development and Fox 5, Rick Dore is a veteran in the art of car restoration and modification.

Rick Dore teamed up with former WWE professional Chuck Palumbo in the 2014 reality show “Lords of the Hoards” which was aired on the Discovery channel.

Final Thoughts

So, these are the 25 best custom auto shops in the US market that provide out of the box ideas and transform your standard vehicle into a beast. Depending on the budget, these stores provide hassle free and effective modifications according to your requirements.