Top 10 Pros and Cons Of Electric Cars

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We all know that electric cars are the need of the future and each automaker is trying their best to contribute towards it.

As the options in the electric cars are increasing at a significant pace, it is also important that people should be aware of the advantages of electric cars so that to adopt them in coming time.

So, if you are not aware of pros and cons of electric cars, this article will help you in understanding better.

Here are 10 advantages Of electric cars:

1. They Are Quick

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Unlike fuel guzzling engines, the electric cars have better acceleration and are quick in response. As the energy generation is instant, one does not have to wait much to gain pace on a straight stretch.

2. They Are Quiet

Advantages of Electric Cars

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Unlike any engine, the electric engines are quiet and calm. As the energy generation does not take place, there is no noise of engine parts. Just push the accelerator and you can enjoy the power flawlessly.

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3. Flexibility Of Charging Anywhere

With electric cars you don’t have to stand in a queue at fuel stations as you can charge them at the comfort of your home or at the dedicated charging stations. Most of the cars come with fast charging that take a few hours to achieve full charge.

4. Cost Effective To Operate

As there is no maintenance of engine in terms of oil change and fuel expenses, the electric cars are cheaper to operate over fuel cars. Even the batteries have a warranty of at least 5 years that further reduces the maintenance cost to a great extent.

5. No Emission

There is no doubt that there are multiple environmental benefits of electric cars and one of the biggest benefit is that they are free of carbon emission. This further makes, the electric cars more desirable.

6. Get Tax Benefits

As the demand of EVs are what most of the local governments are looking to improve, most of the electric vehicles get subsidies in one or the other form.

There are other tax benefits that are also offered with electric vehicles that further makes the purchase of EVs feasible for the consumers.

7. EVs Are Safe

Advantages of Electric Cars

Image Credit: Fleetkarma

Most of the EVs are free from combustible engines which reduces the chances of explosions during a collision. The battery’s weight positioned appropriately helps in achieving better center of mass, resulting in reduce chances of rollover.

8. Easy To Maintain

We all know how long is the maintenance checklist of cars with combustible engines. You need to timely replace the engine oil, transmission, brake fluid change, spark plugs, wires and other parts.

But, this is not the case with electric cars. There are fewer maintenance requirements that makes EVs easy to maintain options.

9. Better Life

One of the biggest advantages of electric cars is that they have better life over the ones with combustible engines. The only thing you need to take care is of the car’s battery, which can be easily replaced after a particular time period. Hence, a longer life run.

10. Technically Advanced

With evolving technology, the EVs are also evolving and with time, electric cars becoming more advanced with time, which is not the case with cars with combustible engines.

Although there are a number of advantages of electric cars but at the same time there are a number of disadvantages of electric cars also.

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Here are 10 disadvantages Of electric cars:

1. Limited Range

As the electric cars segment is evolving currently, most of the electric cars come with a limited range, which means these cars are not meant for longer run.

The best that we have currently is a range of 250+ miles that is also achieved by Tesla Model S, the average range of EVs are even less than 100 miles.

2. Higher Price Range

The initial price which a consumer has to pay is slightly higher than most of the average normal cars. This is one of the primary reasons why most of the consumers are not able to afford EVs.

3. Lack Of Charging Infrastructure

Pros and Cons of Electric Cars

Image Credit: Motortrend

Either you have to charge the EVs at your dedicated charging spot of home or you have to find a dedicated charging station which are very limited at the moment across the globe. This restricts the movement of electric cars to a great extent.

4. Not Many Options At The Moment

Most of the automakers don’t have a wide range of electric cars in their fleet, which means consumers have a very limited range to choose from. This impacts the sales of EVs to a great extent.

5. Higher Recharging Time For Most Of The EVs

Although a number of electric cars come with fast charging but, most of the average electric cars have a higher recharging time that proves out to be one of the biggest disadvantages of electric cars.

6. Production is Limited

Pros and Cons of Electric Cars

Image Credit: Greenautomarket

Most of the production plants don’t have a dedicated bay for EVs. As the demand of EVs are less at the moment, most of the automakers are not focused towards the mass production of electric cars and we have a very limited lot in the market.

7. No Dedicated Service Centers

At the moment, only a few automakers like Tesla are offering a dedicated service center for electric cars. Not many automakers have that and this results in a number of problems for the owners.

8. Utility Aspect Is Low

As the EVs come with a limited range, their utility aspect is restricted. They can be only used for shorter distances commutation, which might also be a problem if the charging is not done to the full capacity.

9. Commercial Front Is Still At The Initial Stage

Although there are a number of options for the passenger cars, there are very few in their commercial segment. It will still take at least a decade or two to develop the segment to the fullest.

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10. Proper Infrastructure For EVs Is Missing

Most of the countries still lack a friendly infrastructure for EVs, which limits the users for using EVs in a hassle-free manner.

Just like fuel stations, charging stations for electric cars should be also improved so that more people are motivated to use environment friendly options.

So, these were a few pros and cons of electric cars. Over the time, it is expected that we see a shortage in the number of cons of the electric cars and we get more options to choose from.

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