7 Best Winter Wiper Blades for (2023)

Best Winter Wiper Blades

Regular car wipers are only good at clearing the water or dirt, but when it comes to clearing off the snow, your ride needs a set of winter wiper blades! Winters are almost here, and it’s the time when most drivers install winter-specific wiper blades. Installing such blades is similar to getting a pair of … Read more

How To Fix A Cracked Windshield At Home

How to Fix a Cracked Windshield

It’s a good day; you are driving carefully to your destination, listening to your favorite music tracks, and then whack, a flying stone comes and hits the windshield, leaving a big crack! Whether caused by a flying stone or some other object on the road, a windshield crack can spread quickly. And the only option … Read more

20 Most Luxurious Celebrity Cars

Luxurious Celebrity Cars

Celebrities and their lavish lifestyles are stuff dreams are made of. Celebrity cars mark the glamorous status of the celebrities and announce their arrival in style. Here is a list of 20 most luxurious celebrity cars that will make you burn with envy: 1. Jay-Z : Maybach Exelero Image Credit: legendaryvideos The world-famous rapper and … Read more

20 Best Green Cars Under $40,000 (2023)

Audi A3 Sportback e-tron

With the rising pollution levels and rising concern for our environment, green cars have emerged as popular choice among the classes as well as the masses. These cars emit lower harmful compounds as compared to regular cars and also offer good fuel economy. Here is the list of 20 best green cars that are affordably … Read more

How To Remove Car Window Tinting: Step By Step Guide

Remove Car Window Tinting

You may like to remove car window tinting if it has started to tear off or it has faded. Window tint on cars is usually applied for privacy and protection and after some years it changes color or just wears out and requires removal. It is useless to remove car window tinting without following any … Read more

30 Extraordinary Athlete Cars That Excite Every Auto Lover

Extraordinary Athelete Cars

The big bucks that the athletes earn are often spent on lavish cars that announce their celebrity status in style. Every auto lover will love to have a look at these athlete cars that look fabulous and perform even better. Here is a compilation of 30 extraordinary athlete cars that are absolutely lust worthy: 1. … Read more