25 Most Comfortable Cars for Seniors (2023)

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Tired of driving a car with stiff suspension and need something that’s comfortable? Check out this list of the 25 most comfortable cars for seniors!

The elderly need cars that are easy to drive, and above all, comfortable and smooth. Hence, finding the most comfortable cars for seniors is a challenging task.

All the best cars for seniors that we have picked for this list are highly comfortable, have easy-to-use features, and suitable for the elderly of all age groups.

The post even rounds up a tips section that will help you choose the right vehicle for your needs.

Most Comfortable Cars For Seniors in 2022


Most comfortable cars for seniors

Image Credit: Chevrolet

GM’s reputable large sedan is a class-leader in its own sense. Though it is modern and packed with smart technological features to the core, it strikes a chord or two with older minds too. Thanks to the trust and reliability that comes with the Chevrolet badge.

The biggest plus points of Impala are the supremely legible instrumentation, user-friendly controls, and the state-of-the art OnStar navigation system that provides turn-by-turn directions. It scores high in other relevant parameters like ease of access, visibility, and safety too.


Most comfortable cars for seniors

Image Credit: Herstapps

Seniors preferring a mid-size sedan for their driving pleasure, look no further. Hyundai Sonata positions almost at the top in the list of best cars for seniors in 2022 for a lot of reasons.

Its ride height is low enough to make accessibility a delight and its interiors are one of the roomiest with super comfortable seats even in the rear. Ride quality is smooth and comfortable; thanks to the best-in-class suspension and a fuel economy of 39 mpg which adds icing to the cake.

Sonata also ranks excellent in safety ratings and has features like a warning system for forward-collision, blind-spot detection, rear-view camera, and blind-spot detection.


Most comfortable cars for seniors

Image Credit: Cars

Easily the best SUV for seniors that money can buy! Subaru Forester ticks every box on the must-have list of features required for an elderly-friendly car.

It offers heated seats, ergonomically designed controls, and rear-view camera coupled with an All-wheel drive. Besides, a multitude of smart features like Subaru’s indigenous EyeSight smart cruise control, lane departure warning, blind spot detection, rear cross-traffic alert make it even more appealing.

Compelling crash test scores and safety features like forward collision warning, automatic braking, and lane-keep assist ensure that the passengers are not just comfortable, but safe too.


Most comfortable cars for seniors

Image Credit: Buick

This sub-compact SUV has a quiet cabin interior blended with a comfortable yet stylish vibe. Encore scores high on the mobility front as boarding and deboarding is relatively easy.

Buick has struck the right balance between ease of access and better road visibility with the adjustable height of the seat. Safety of the passengers has also been carefully thought about and GM’s OnStar Telematics system is the prime feature among other standard safety offerings.

Older drivers already trust the Buick name making Encore an enticing option for them too!


Most comfortable cars for seniors

Image Credit: Kia

Talk about getting the target audience all wrong! The Korean brand’s quirkily styled sporty compact was designed while keeping the younger generation in mind.

But thanks to the highly practical design and commendable reliability and safety scores that are present behind its funky exterior, it is one of the best small cars for seniors in the market. And that too with an affordable price tag on it.

All in all, the Kia Soul is a joyful ride for the elder hands and worth considering for its interesting mix of features.


Best Cars for Seniors

Image Credit: Chrysler

Another large sedan on this list, the rear-wheel driven Chrysler 300 comes with an MSRP of $32,340 and suits the needs of the elderly quite well.

Smooth road etiquettes, luxurious vibe, and sophisticated styling harmonized with a well insulated quiet cabin make it a desirable choice. And don’t forget the excellent accessibility resulting from wide opening doors.

Smartly designed floating centre stack puts the frequently used controls within the hands reach to add to the convenience. It ranks high on most safety tests conducted by IIHS and NHTSA.

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Best Cars for Seniors

Image Credit: Toyota

Any list on the most comfortable cars for seniors would be incomplete without mentioning this smart sedan. Camry has been a household name for decades and has gained trust and accolades for its reliability and quality.

The Camry offers a trademark smooth ride and handling, which in addition to the upscale and cozy interiors results in an ultimate overall comfort level. The large-sized controls are easy to use and it is one of the safer cars to hit the roads.


Cars with Adjustable Pedals

Image Credit: Youtube

Second Chevrolet on the list, Tahoe is a car with adjustable pedals which makes it a lucrative choice for our senior buyers. This SUV is consciously made for this purpose and one must choose the Enhanced Driver Alert package for the movable pedal feature. It is equipped with a power rear liftgate which makes life even more convenient.

GM’s in-house vibrating safety seat alert is a welcome feature and other standard safety offerings are forward collision warning and lane keeping assist. Side step assists enhance accessibility to the passenger area and is ideal for those with short height too.


Best Cars for Seniors 2017

Image Credit: Autoblog

Uber comfortable, highly spacious interiors and intelligently intuitive control layout are the features that position the Lacrosse as one of the best cars for elderly drivers.

OnStar Telematics system assists the driver with voice controlled navigation instructions and supplements with automatic crash notifications. The front seats are extremely adjustable and are supportive and have the option of heating too.

Packed with safety features like lane-change alert, collision mitigation, automatic braking, and adaptive cruise control, Buick’s latest offering is worth a look.


Best Cars for Seniors 2017

Image Credit: Edmunds

Age is just a number for those who are an adventurer at heart. Elders, who seek thrills despite their age, look no further. Toyota RAV4 is just the right car for you and takes care of the undeniable limitations that do come with the years.

Reliability is utmost with this top-ranked SUV series and Toyota claims that over 90% of RAVs sold in the decade are still on the road today. The TOYOTA RAV4 is IIHS’s Top Safety Pick and an exceptional performance of 31 mpg is notable.


Best Cars for Seniors

Image Credit: Consumerreports

This family-friendly gem of a car makes for a more than suitable ride for the seniors too. Despite being quite big in size, its handling and road manners are surprisingly refined and car-like.

Low floor, big front doors, power-sliding rear doors, and simple to navigate cabin catapult Odyssey to the top of the list in terms of ease of access and mobility.

A decent fuel economy and an excellent safety score further its reputation as the most comfortable car for seniors in the minivan category, and maybe overall


Best Cars for Seniors

Image Credit: Cars

Who said money can’t buy happiness? Toyota’s flagship sedan is perfect in terms of stunning exterior and elegant interiors blended with exceptional performance. On top of that, it received the highest overall NHTSA rating of five stars in all safety tests, making it unarguably the safest car on road.

Meticulously crafted leather interiors provide a posh vibe and premium heated and ventilated front seats provide ultimate comfort. Toyota’s Safety Senseā„¢ package ensures best in class safety technology. All in all, it is a car that seniors can rely upon.

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13. VOLVO S60

Best Cars for Seniors

Image Credit: Motortrend

Anyone who is familiar with the name Volvo knows that they take safety seriously. Volvo’s are known to be robustly built and have differentiated themselves from their contemporaries with their commitment and single-mindedness.

The S60 checks all the essential requirements on our list of cars for senior citizens and goes far beyond that in terms of safety with the Intellisafe technology package.

This latest suite of safety innovations consists of state of the art collision warning system with fully automatic brakes as well as pedestrian and cyclist detection besides others.


Best Cars for Seniors

Image Credit: CarAndDriver

This family sedan drives like a dream and was designed keeping in mind the American market. With plenty of room in front as well as rear side, Passat is one of the most comfortable cars for seniors out there.

Uncluttered dashboard controls topped with an advanced Apple CarPlay feature boost the convenience of operation. Visibility is exceptional and the hands-free trunk opening is a welcome feature for the aged.

Safety scores are at par with its peers and it boasts of great safety features like collision mitigation, road-side assistance, and vehicle location services.


Best Cars for Seniors

Image Credit: Dodge

When brains meet brawn and have a child, the Dodge Charger is what you get! Well, what else do you expect from Dodge, which is known for its performance-bred vehicles.

Charger carries on the lineage with a powerful 3.6L Pentastar V6 engine which delivers an exceptionally good mileage of upto 30 mpg on the highway. If it is still not much of power, 707 HP supercharged Hellcat v8 engine is offered as an option too!

With 1046 cubic feet of interior space and a logical control system loaded with safety features, this makes for an exciting choice for the elder generation.


Best Suv for Seniors

Image Credit: Toyota

Toyota sold a record 212,276 Highlanders in the US in the year 2020, and why shouldn’t it? Being one of the most reliable cars on this list with impeccable safety features, the Highlander is one of the best SUVs for seniors. The driver has good visibility of the road, courtesy of its high positioned yet easily accessible seating position.

This three-row seven-seater mid-sized SUV has a powerful 3.5-liter V6 engine coupled with an eight-speed automatic transmission system, making its handling more similar to a car than an SUV.

Although a fuel economy of 22 mpg is not something to boast of, its tight balance of responsive handling, spacious interiors, and a comprehensive safety package make it a deserving candidate.


Comfortable Cars for Seniors

Image Credit: Infiniti

Q70 defines the art of luxury with its meticulously crafted interiors and a simple uncomplicated control panel.

The INFINITI Safety Shield package on-board this car provides a well-round coverage of important safety features like Around View Monitor which detects moving objects and helps navigate even in tight spaces.

18. LEXUS LS 640

Comfortable Cars for Seniors

Image Credit: Automobilemag

Over the years, Lexus has become a synonym to luxury. The LS 640 performs gracefully and provides an unparalleled driving experience. It is loaded with several advanced features and is ideal for senior members of the society for whom luxury matters.

Besides being exhilaratingly comfortable and convenient, it comes with the industry’s first 12.3-inch multimedia display that neatly hosts a compilation of useful controls.

Lexus’s proprietary service, Enform Destinations is the epitome of luxury that this car provides.

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Best Small Cars for Seniors

Image Credit: Autoblog

Don’t let the size fool you. Honda Fit is a small car, but only in size, and is highly recommended for seniors who prefer a small car for their mobility needs.

Interiors are quite commodious and getting in and out of the car is hassle-free. This nimble four-cylinder sub-compact vehicle comes with Honda Sensing suite of safety technologies and is easily the best small car for seniors.


Comfortable Cars for Seniors

Image Credit: Lexus

Lexus ES Hybrid takes passenger comfort to the next level with its high level of personalization.

The front seats are not just heated and ventilated; there are separate heaters and fans in the seat cushions to maximize your comfort and can be power-adjusted in 10 different ways.

Steering-wheel position can be smoothly adjusted to gain the most comfortable position. A ton of other safety and comfort features along with a 40 mpg fuel efficiency make it a commendable proposition for the seniors.


Comfortable Cars for Seniors

Image Credit: Allcarspreview

Toyota’s flagship hybrid car, Prius V, successfully impresses us with its overall performance in its wagon version too. With a killer mileage of 41 mpg and ample passenger and cargo space, it is one of the most comfortable cars for seniors in the multi-utility vehicle segment.

Dynamic radar cruise control is among a bouquet of advanced technology offered by this car that enhances its safety and versatility quotient.


Best Cars for Seniors with Arthritis

Image Credit: Consumerreports

Subaru’s second offering on this list is the Outback. Though not as good as the Forester, it still manages to be a suitable option for the senior segment. Thanks to some serious upgrading inside the cabin as well as outside.

The redesigned centre console is convenient and is packed with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for infotainment. It has a class-leading cargo capacity and spacious passenger accommodation, ideally suitable for families.


Best Cars for Seniors 2017

Image Credit: Carreleasedates2017

Functionality meets space in this boxy seven-seater crossover SUV offering by Ford. Highly versatile on the roads, it has some serious cargo storage space of up to 83.2 cubic feet and generously accommodates seven passengers too.

Seniors would love this car for its almost car-like handling despite the large size and the trust and reliability offered by the Ford heritage.


Best Cars for Seniors 2017

Image Credit: Driving

This small SUV is a surprisingly good combination of easy drivability, spacious interiors, a quiet cabin, a touch of class, and all of this at an affordable price point.

Safety is also taken care of with Intelligent Safety Shield package. Simply making it one of the most comfortable cars for seniors this year!

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Best Cars for Seniors with Arthritis

Image Credit: Carsperfection

How far would a car company go to design the most comfortable seats for its users? Well, Nissan went quite a distance and took inspiration from NASA to design Altima’s “zero gravity” ultra-comfortable seats.

These best-in-class seats continuously support the body from hips all the way up to the neck and reduce fatigue over long distances.

Seats, as well as the steering wheel, are available with a heating option too, which more than soothes arthritic drivers in colder environments. All these features make Altima one of the most comfortable cars for seniors with arthritis!

Tips to Buy Best Comfortable Cars for Seniors

Decreased vision, hampered mobility, and diminished physical, as well as mental reactions, make driving a dreadful experience for our elders.

Features absolutely essential in cars preferred by seniors are seats with adjustable height, smart safety features, lower chassis height for easily getting in and out, and easily accessible controls that are intuitive to use.

Here are a few things to look for when buying a car for seniors:

1. Safety

Whether it’s a car for the youth or the seniors, safety is paramount. Modern cars come equipped with a plethora of safety features that can act as life-savior in events of accidents.

Seniors should look for features like a rearview camera, multiple airbags, blind-spot monitoring, speed-sensing door locks, and adaptive guidelines when buying a car.

These features will make your ride safer while rewarding you with more convenience.

2. Comfort

Next comes comfort. Ensure the seats are highly comfortable, and getting in and out of the car is easy. Upholstery seats tend to be more comfortable due to ample cushioning than leather seats.

However, if you love the classic interior, you can settle down with a car that has plush leather seats. Sit inside the vehicle, and feel the comfort.

Moreover, make sure every instrument inside the cabin is within your reach. There are several features that increase the comfort of seniors.

The features include heated seats, electronically adjustable passenger and driver seats, electronically adjustable rear-view mirrors, and more.

3. Choose the Right Segment

Most comfortable cars for seniors are available in a range of options, including sedans, hatchbacks, and SUVs. It is up to you to choose the right segment.

Getting in a sedan is pretty easy, whereas the best SUV for seniors gives you a better view of the road.

We recommend small cars for seniors that have vision or back problems, as it can be arduous to handle a huge SUV or truck.

4. Technology

Modern cars come equipped with advanced features such as a voice-controlled entertainment unit and motion detection. However, seniors may find it pretty challenging to use these features.

If you are not tech savvy and need a car to drive from your retirement home to the grocery store and back, consider practical cars like the Kia Soul.

5. Test the Vehicle

Always test the vehicle before buying. Take it out for a ride and experience the drive quality, and use the features such as heated seats that are available in the best cars for seniors with arthritis.

Get in and out of the car several times, and ensure it has enough head and legroom.

Final Thoughts

So, these are the 25 most comfortable cars for seniors available in the US market. These cars are based on their fuel economy, handling, utility, and performance of the engine that best suits the requirements of a senior citizen to a great extent.

Do let us know your pick from the lot and the ones that you would like to see in our list.

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