Common Power Window Problems In Cars And Their Solutions

Power Window Problems

Power windows, also known as electric windows, have taken over the manual cranks in cars. No more wrestling with handles to open or close your windows – it’s all about ease now. The whole idea behind power windows is to make life simpler for everyone. It’s as simple as pushing a button. Click, and your … Read more

7 Common Car Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

Common Car Maintenance Mistakes

Every car requires regular maintenance to give you the best service and to last long. Unfortunately, most people don’t take the time to maintain their cars, either because they are busy or do not think it’s essential. That is not the ideal way to deal with your vehicle. It’s a major mistake that can damage … Read more

How to Change a Car Battery : A Complete Guide

Changing a Car Battery

All cars have batteries. Diesel and petrol cars are usually powered by lead-acid batteries that have a 12V electrical system for the lights, stereo, and heating. Lead-acid batteries last for several years but are not energy-dense like their lithium-ion counterparts. Changing a car battery is not a frequent process. Car batteries in conventional vehicles are … Read more

How To Clean Alloy Wheels | 10 Alloy Wheel Cleaning Tips

How To Clean Alloy Wheels

Most cars these days run on alloy wheels. Clear coated alloy wheels are a common feature of all assembly line automobile productions. Many car owners prefer to enhance the look of their vehicles by polishing the wheels using an aftermarket compound. This forges a more finished look on the wheels. It’s also one of the … Read more

Car Tyre Replacement – How Often To Change Tires

Monitor Tyre Air Pressure

Tyres are one of the most crucial parts of your car and most of the owners tend to give least importance to them. When it comes to your car’s tyres life, there is no particular time frame in which you have to replace them with a new set but there are indications that suggest when … Read more

Tips On How To Clean Headlights with Household Items

How To Clean Headlights with Household Items

While cleaning your car, you focus on the car’s body, interior, and tyres but, there is one part of the car which is often neglected and does not receive any special treatment from the car owners. Yes, we are talking about your car’s headlights that are often cleaned but not cleaned properly. But, if you … Read more

21 Best Car Modifications That Add Value To Your Car

Best Car Modifications

There is no doubt that a brand new car in its standard form has no drawback. It is designed after considering the budget, requirements of the customers, and industry standards. But, there are some people who are not satisfied with the standard features that they get in a brand new car and go for car … Read more

The Basic Car Tune Ups That Should Be Done Once In a Year

Car Tune Ups Checklist

We all have heard of the old adage, “Prevention is better than cure”. Same holds true when it comes to cars and regular car tune ups can save your car from major breakdowns that poke a big hole in your pocket besides causing inconvenience. Although maintaining a car is no piece of cake and professional … Read more