25 Most Iconic Cars From History Of Cars

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When we refer something as iconic, be that from any field, a factor that stands out time and time again would be the timeless effect that gets projected.

This can be in terms of the looks of a product or the performance capacity.

Similarly, while we refer about cars, there are number of notable vehicles in the history of cars.

Figuring out the most iconic ones have been done over here along with the justification for referring those as icons.

1. Jaguar E Type

History of cars

Image Credit: Wikipedia

There is never any dispute when it comes to the looks of a Jaguar. Jaguar E Type stole the heart of millions with its debut in the 1960s.

It had a raw refinement that was not so evident in cars of those days along with a road performance to match.

Even the most diehard of Jaguar critics could not fail to admire the smooth flow of the body lines that was never attempted earlier on the cars.

2. Chevrolet Corvette

History of cars

Image Credit: Autoblog

This model of the Chevrolet could well be labeled as the most iconic cars of America for the distinctive flow of the body that made it stand out on any given occasion.

There is also sufficient power under the hood to provide a matching performance to the looks.

Rarely, an American movie of the 1960s was complete without the Corvette gracing the screen at some point or the other.

3. Lamborghini Miura

History of cars

Image Credit: RMSotheby

When it came to providing something iconic there can never be taking away the fact that the Lamborghini stable has been more than represented in history.

There is a feeling of raw power that typically powers the cars of the types of the Miura.

A feature with most of the Lamborghini pack is the handling quality that is being offered to drive.

4. Porsche 911

History of cars

Image Credit: Porsche

This could be a model that ruled the roads during a time when cars did become popular. No doubt a listing in the iconic cars list for the staying power that saw the Porsche stay on top of the options to have for the performance car.

5. Rolls-Royce Dawn

History of cars

Image Credit: Caranddriver

Few people would think of constituting a list of iconic cars without mentioning something from the stables of Rolls-Royce among them.

The Dawn would find mention for the transformative role that it played in the way the company designed their cars.

It could be the model that brought in the grace in the Rolls-Royces.

6. Mercedes SL 300 Gullwing

Most Iconic Cars

Image Credit: Classicdriver

For a model that was said to be Karl Benz’s first car that went to town, the Gullwing did introduce some interesting concepts in car design and convenience at that time.

For many, the Gullwing design was something of a disruption in design concepts and could well be considered to be the trendsetter of the days.

7. Ferrari 250 GTO

History of cars

Image Credit: Wikipedia

If ever there was a refined delivery of power in a car, then it had to be the Ferraris on most occasions.

The 250 GT stood out for the performance that matched the looks of the car.

In many ways, it was so typical of the Ferraris of the 1960s that stressed on performance over the other departments.

8. Aston Martin DB4

History of cars

Image Credit: Wikipedia

It must be said of the DB4 that it was for long considered to be the workhorse car, much before the time the first car was made in America took the title.

The brand was meant to showcase Britain to the world that James Bond always drove up in an Aston Martin.

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9. BMW 3.0 CSL

History of cars

Image Credit: Silodrome

BMW 3.0 CSL is one such eminent car that has scorched the raceways in the yesterdays and did manage to get a good following.

It is considered that the BMW launched its own racing cars that were the test cars for the high performers.

10. Acura NSX

History of cars

Image Credit: Motortrend

Those cars that are more exclusive can indeed sport the tag of being an iconic car. The Acura NSX could well be what a lot of people would label as the car of the upper class.

11. Shelby GT350

History of cars

Image Credit: Caranddriver

With an engine that matched the looks, the GT350 pointed to the days when the cars did become popular for more than just the horsepower at hand.

It is something noteworthy from its early days as a sporting car and then adapted as the car for the American people.

12. Aston Martin DB5

History of cars

Image Credit: Airfix

It is its appearance in the Bond film of the days, Goldfinger, that in many ways created the aura around the Aston Martins. Powerful, yet with a screen presence that is the best way to describe the car.

13. Volkswagen Beetle

History of cars

Image Credit: NDTV

There can rarely be the kind of tenacity that the Beetle offered the customer than with any other model of car.

This has been the icon car for last few decades and still, it is as of now.

In many ways, it is the simplicity of the car that has brought it the kind of success it enjoyed across various age groups as well.

14. Plymouth Belvedere

History of cars

Image Credit: Hemmings

For a model that went by the sobriquet of the Henry Ford first car, the Belvedere must be seen in the light of the times that it was introduced in.

The 1950s were not exactly the most prosperous times across the world for the after-effects of the world war. For a car to have survived and thrived in those testing times is indeed commendable, so to speak.

15. Ferrari Testarossa

Most Iconic Cars

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Few models from a manufacturer would have gone on to define the image of a performance car as the Testarossa.

It must be said of the car that it does have the horsepower under the hood to match the looks and the combination did sell the car to a lot of the owners.

The car is certainly one of the hot favorites for the popularity contest.

16. Dodge Charger

Most Iconic Cars

Image Credit: Motortrend

If it is the raw power that a car owner would look for, then the Charger would have enough and more under the hood.

This was probably the first car made in America that focused on the power delivery over any other aspect of a car in 1960.

Certainly, a collector’s item these days for the glorious effect that car had in its heydays.

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17. Ford Explorer

Most Iconic Cars

Image Credit: Ford

This is the first 4×4 vehicle on the list that has grabbed a position in the group of some of the iconic cars from the history.

In many ways, it was the presentability of the car that did see its introduction in a number of popular movies of the different time period.

It all added to the aura of the Ford that was seen to be capable of performing when it was called to do so.

18. Volkswagen T2A

Most Iconic Cars

Image Credit: Classicbid

Few vehicles have turned to be most iconic cars as the T2A has managed to do.

The love affair with the car has indeed spanned time and generations of Americans as well.

It must be said that there is on offer a flexibility of function with the car that saw it being used in the drag races as well as campers for the hippie generation.

19. Ford Model T

Most Iconic Cars

Image Credit: Autoevolution

The age of commercial cars can be taken to have started with the Model T and in many ways, it is indeed the Henry Ford’s first car that sold like hot cakes.

It became the consumer’s first choice due to its comfort, performance, and unmatched road presence.

20. Dodge Viper GTS

Most Iconic Cars

Image Credit: Bringatrailer

This model of the Dodge can certainly be something for the times that it was introduced in.

With 450 hp of raw power, the Viper took a fair bit of technique to control and steer.

Compounded was the effect of having to do without ABS braking and such aids that modern drivers take so for granted.

21. DeTomaso Pantera

Most Iconic Cars

Image Credit: Bringatrailer

With the Pantera, it was a novel approach to the styling unlike what had been seen on cars till then.

In many ways, this pointed to the future of car design that stressed the free flow of air around the vehicle and increased aero-dynamics quite unlike the Karl Benz’s first car.

Count the Italians to come out with something notable at best.

22. McLaren F1

Most Iconic Cars

Image Credit: Telegraph

This car finds a place as an icon for the simple fact that it was probably one of the early adaptations of cars meant for the race track to be sold as a stock vehicle.

There quite was never beating the raw power on offer at the wheels and it must be pointed out that only a handful were ever manufactured, despite the huge fan following that the McLaren team enjoyed on the tracks.

23. Cizeta-Moroder V16T

Most Iconic Cars

Image Credit: Youtube

The Italian designed V16 was originally meant to make an appearance as a Diablo but fate had other plans and it came out as the Cizeta car. It is labeled as an icon for the speeds of in excess of 200 kmph that it could do and in quick time too.

24. Datsun 240Z

Most Iconic Cars

Image Credit: Bringatrailer

It simply would not be right to leave out the Japanese out of any listed iconic cars and the 240Z stands out for the styling quality as well as a performance level not seen in those early performance cars.

On offer was a frugal fuel consumption that did not prevent the driver having a good time too.

The Datsun paved the way for the wider acceptance of some of the stalwarts of Japanese cars like the Toyotas and Nissan.

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25. Chevrolet Camaro

History of cars

Image Credit: Chevrolet

This was a true answer of General Motors to the Ford Mustang and truly opened up the American market to cut-throat competition not seen till then.

Soon it was possible to consider a car for purchase on the features on offer than as a whole package.

The Camaro took on a cult following that brought it an aura of an icon in quick time.

Rarely has commercial success been followed up by the ability to set the standards in the industry as the piece from Chevrolet has done in its time.

The above set of cars can be labeled as icons in their own right for the effect that they had on consumer patterns and choices.

It would not be right to discuss the history of cars without mentioning at least four or five of the cars set out in the discussion. Sometimes, the sheer aura of the car would hold sway over the industry like no other product offering can.

All said it must be realized that it is important to look at each car in the time frame that it was introduced into the markets.

Thus we have the Datsun dominating the car markets due to the frugal nature of its maintenance and ownership and this was crucial to its success of the times.

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